Editorial Calendar

Here's a look at CMSWire's 2015 Editorial Calendar -- please note that we will have dual editorial focuses throughout the year. We reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where we are headed in the coming months.

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Month Theme Description
Dec '14 Building the Digital Workplace We're taking the end of the year to look at how the workplace is transforming: the tools, the leadership, the workplace culture needed to support the digital workplace of today and the future.
Jan 1. Enhancing the Customer Experience through Online Communities 
2. How Retailers Differentiate via Experience and Commerce

1. Businesses have seen the value of customer communities for product ideation, peer to peer assistance and advocacy, but some still struggle to make their communities take off. We'll explore the strategies and approaches that help bring the customer's voice into the business.

2. The combination of content and e-commerce is becoming a differentiating factor for retailers. A look at who's doing this well and what challenges they had to overcome to deliver.

Feb 1. The Future of Digital Experience -- Emerging Patterns, Aging Paradigms?
2. Information management challenges in the age of mobile, cloud, et al
1. Web content management lies at the foundation of multichannel content driven customer experiences, but critics state the area is in a funk. What new models are emerging and what old standards are being laid to rest?

2. Companies feel the push to the cloud and the demands for mobility from all sides: from software vendors, marketplace demands and employees. What are they doing to meet these demands while retaining proper governance, security and risk management?

Mar 1. Defining 2015's CMO 
2. Where Do Intranets Fit in the Age of ESNs?
1. A deep dive into the skills, knowledge and know-how it takes to be a chief marketing officer today.

2. As enterprise social networks gain capabilities, the line between ESN and intranet has blurred. Do companies need both? Is it possible to ditch one in favor of the other?


1. Analytics, Big Data and Customer Experience
2. Making Sense of the Collaboration Tool Landscape

1. The promise of big data has been touted for a few years now, but successful use cases are few and far between. Join us as we examine who's getting it right and what steps businesses need to take to harness big data analytics' power.

2. Collaboration tools proliferate by the day. As companies adopt one-size-fits all ESNs, employees are adopting lightweight context-driven tools. How can companies balance these two pulls?

May 1. What's Next for SharePoint and Office 365? 
2. Marketing Automation & Engagement Marketing

1. With Microsoft's push to the cloud, SharePoint's brand has faded into the background as Office 365 steals the limelight. But SharePoint's presence within organizations still runs strong. So what comes next for SharePoint? And how can companies prepare?

2. How businesses use martech platforms to build intelligent, automated engagement programs -- and what's working.

Jun 1. The impact of globalization on information management 
2. Breaking Through the Noise -- How Brands Stand Out in a Sea of Content

1. Different countries have different requirements for data retention, storage etc. But as companies expand into global markets, how do they manage information demands on that scale?

2. Companies are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon like there's no tomorrow, but are they getting it right? A look at the strategies that set brands ahead of the pack.

Jul 1. The privacy, ethics and big data collision course
2. Keys to Successful Enterprise Collaboration

1. The amount of data collected grows on a daily rate. What are companies doing to balance the privacy of customers with the demands for more customer information? A look at business ethics in the era of big data.

2. How do some companies succeed with collaboration and others fail? A month long look at the ingredients that drive social collaboration in the workplace.

Aug 1. State of MarTech Convergence: Email, Social, Engagement and Analytics
2. The Mobile Workplace: Stories of Success and Failure

1. Marketing clouds are trying to achieve convergence between all of the digital marketing elements, but is it working? Where's the rest of the market?

2. Do employees have the tools and support to work anytime and anywhere? And are companies seeing the benefits of having a more mobile workforce?

Sep 1. Creating the CX Organization
2. Building blocks of a mobile e-commerce strategy

1. The culture, team and processes that shape a customer-centric organization

2. As businesses gear up for the holiday season, a look at what strategies and tools they've got in place to differentiate their offering to the mobile customer.

Oct 1. From Zero to DX, Getting Started with Digital Experience
2. In Search of DAM Innovation

2. As more vendors claim DAM capabilities and other DAMs merge with WCM and marketing providers, we'll take a look at how companies are differentiating themselves in capabilities and services.

Nov 1. Have We Mastered Analytics in the Age of Big Data?
2. The Integration Challenge: How to Connect Siloed Systems
1. Collecting data without putting it to use is a waste of time. Do companies have what they need - in the form of tools, processes and people - to derive insight from the data they collect?

2. A look at how companies are tying together the disparate systems that drive the day to day business. What standards are emerging to help this? Do APIs deliver or are other solutions needed? 

Dec 1.The Automated Consumer: How Data Science Drives E-Commerce 
2. TBD
1. Businesses have access to more customer data than ever before. A look at how businesses harness this information to create e-commerce experiences that deliver.

2. The second part of our end of year coverage is to be determined -- stay tuned!

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