Editorial Calendar

Here's a look at CMSWire's upcoming Editorial Calendar — please note that we will have dual editorial focuses throughout the year. We reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where we are headed in the coming months.

We accept vendor neutral bylines in support of these focuses. If you're interested in contributing an article, review our submission guidelines and drop us a line — please do not send product pitches. 

2017 Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan The Evolving DX Fabric: Reaching Customers in New Ways Communication Breakdown: Making Sense of Workplace Communication Channels
Feb Adapting to Today's Customers: Effective Personas, State Maps and Journeys Digital Workplace Success: Exploring Leadership and Ownership
March How Machine Learning Upends Marketing Search, AI and the Advent of the Intelligent Workplace
April Embracing Testing as a Key Part of Your DX Approach Digital Workplace Strategies: Optimizing the Employee Experience
May The Intersection of Digital Experience and E-Commerce Assessing Digital Workplace Needs: Signs of Maturity, Areas for Improvement
June The Agile Marketer: Tools and Practices to Keep Pace Top Digital Workplace Challenges: Tips and Evolving Practices

2016 Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan The Big Flip: What happens to DX when the web is push, not pull? Security Questions with the IoT
Feb Collaborating Without Borders  The State of Mobile Engagement / Marketing
March Big Data to Smart Data: Strategies that Work Evolution of Work
April The Reach of Marketing Automation into DX Where Your Company Should Be with Digital Transformation
May Where are we with Predictive Analytics? Bringing AI Into the Workplace
June Bridging the Online and Offline Experience What's Next for Information Management
July Customer Experience Maturity: Failures, Successes and Innovations State of the Digital Workplace: Culture, Tools, Processes
August Building your MarTech/DX Stack — Procurement Strategies for Success E-Commerce & the Digital Experience
September The Evolution of EIM: Strategies & Tools for Modern CX DAM: Managing Experience Consistency
October SharePoint and Beyond: Microsoft's Hybrid Journey Taking the Guesswork Out of DX: Testing + Optimizing Tips for a Winning Strategy
November Today's CMO: Addressing Challenges and Mapping the Future Handling the Productivity Paradox
December How Analytics and BI are Shaping the Modern Organization Happy Holidays
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