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CMSWire Editorial Calendar

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2014 Editorial Calendar

First, here's a look at CMSWire's 2014 Editorial Calendar. Please note that we do reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where our editorial team is headed in the coming months.

Month Theme Description
Jan The Internet of Things and the Impact on Customer Experience How the "Internet of Things" will change customer experience, digital experience and big data.
Feb The Future of Collaboration How employees will collaborate in the hyper-connected, BYOD, social business world.
Mar Real Time Marketing Challenges, Tools and Practices Companies look to analyze their marketing data and integrate with business processes, in real time.
Apr The State and Present Challenges of the Mobile Enterprise A look at the tools, practices and strategies that businesses are using to handle an increasingly mobile workforce.
May The Search for ROI in Social Business Reviewing the efficacy of social business and collaboration applications.
Jun Marketing Automation and the Digital Experience A strategic, long-term look at the roadmap for marketing automation and how businesses will reach and interact with customers in the future.
Jul Omnichannel Experience: Challenges and Practices Providing customers with a seamless experience, wherever they may be.
Aug Dual focus:
How to Succeed with DAM // Work Like a Network
Casting our net in two different directions, this month we'll explore:
DAM - Selecting the product, driving adoption, integrating with enterprise IT and supporting creative workflows 
Work Like a Network - This message, articulated by Microsoft in March of this year, spoke of the transformation of how we work. We'll spend the month examining what "working like a network" looks like in practice.
Sep Guiding the Customer Journey with Content Marketing Current best practices and tools enabling organizations to provide the right content at the right time to meet customer needs at every step of the customer lifecycle.
Oct Extracting Business Value From Big Data Join us as we explore the current tools, people and practices that are leading the way for businesses to get the most out of the promise of big data, and as we look at the question of "Can we be effective while not being creepy?" It'll be fun.
Nov Delivering Better Customer Service: Putting the Person in Personalization As automation becomes the norm in customer service, how can companies balance data driven efficiencies with customer expectations for a personalized experience? Are these things antagonistic? Who has the right vision here and how close are the current tools and practices getting us?
Dec End of Year Our 2014 end of year program is still being developed. Stay tuned!

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