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CMSWire Content Submission Guidelines

CMSWire accepts contributed articles focused on our core topics: customer experience/digital marketing, web content management, social business, enterprise collaboration and information management.

Please review our submission guidelines carefully. You can view our Editorial Calendar here

Note: Press Releases should be sent to

The Basics:

  • All contributions should be original and exclusive to CMSWire (with some exceptions).
  • Topics must be in line with our main coverage areas -- which you can find on our homepage.
  • Do not sell your brand, products or services -- if it smells like a marketing pitch -- we ditch.
  • Do not pitch your white paper, we'll strip it out.
  • Articles should be between 600-1000 words, images and other rich media are encouraged.
  • Please proofread your article, if it's littered with grammatical errors, we lose interest pretty quickly.

We like articles in a variety of formats, from lists and how-tos to in-depth discussions. We are not interested in articles that cover the same material someone else (and possibly a few others) have already covered on the site -- so please do your homework and review the material we have published.

Note: If you are interested in writing a regular column for CMSWire, please indicate that and what the column would be focused on.

Our Review Process

Here's how we approach submissions:

  • We review topic ideas weekly and respond with a yes or no or provide additional suggestions on how to proceed.
  • We review drafts of accepted submissions on Friday mornings and get back to you that day with our thoughts. We do not guarantee that a draft will be accepted.
  • Once we accept a draft, we may ask for additional changes or accept it as is. If no further changes are required, we'll give you an idea of publishing target and then let you know when it is published.
  • Please note that we do a final edit on all articles, typically grammar, and formatting, linking -- any content changes and we go back to the author first.
  • We encourage conversation on CMSWire. As an author of a published article, we expect you to initiate conversation by making at least two comments on your story. We also expect you to monitor and respond to comments.

With your published article we offer:

  1. About the Author: 1-3 sentence bio of the writer (not the company). You can include a link to a book authored and/or the author's blog/company websites.
  2. Full Page Bio: 1-2 paragraphs, links to: blog/website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, email, phone, photo (all are optional) an example:
  3. Promotion: Promotion on all our social networks and in some cases within our weekly email newsletters. We encourage you to promote your work as well.

Rights of Use

By submitting your article to Simpler Media Group, Inc. ("SMG", "We" or "Us"), the publisher of the website, you and/or your organization are granting SMG unlimited rights of use across the Simpler Media Group, Inc. digital channels. If your content is accepted and published, your content will be distributed across our channels, including web, social media, RSS, email, mobile and PDF.

We assume that you have the right to grant this right for all materials you provide. It is your responsibility to verify this prior to providing us with any materials for publishing. If you are providing SMG with images, please include a short statement about the related copyright and rights of use.

Ready to Submit?

When you think you have an idea for an article, please do the following:

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name (or the writer's name) and links to samples of work.
  2. Topic you will be covering.
  3. Brief summary of the topic.
  4. And if you are really keen, point out relevant related or similar articles already published on CMSWire.

Our preference is to start with a summary, not a full article.

If you have any questions please direct them to Noreen and Siobhan: