Think you need a data scientist to glean actionable insights from big data? Then you haven’t read Big Data at Work, the newest book by Tom Davenport, who is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading analytics experts.

Analytics 1.0: The Data Analyst in the Closet

Davenport said the days when analysts sat in back rooms working with data for weeks, if not months, and then preparing the results of their findings for end users they’ll never meet are long gone.

This is a good thing because making decisions based on stale data is like driving your car while looking in the rearview mirror.

Analytics 2.0: Win the Attention of the Data Scientist

Though data scientists can deliver amazing insights, there aren’t enough of them. So if you’re a manager who needs to make a data-driven decision right now, chances are you‘ll have to go without the big data and with your gut. Sorry you weren’t the top priority.

Analytics 3.0: Democratizing Big Data

Davenport said we’re entering the Analytics 3.0 era where analytics are part of everyone’s job (not just data scientists and analysts) and that insights can be delivered where and when you need them via any device.

Not only that, but that many decisions can be made and acted upon at scale and with speed, automatically (no human interaction required). This capability not only gives those Enterprises who leverage Analytics 3.0 a competitive advantage, but it also is the raw material from which new products and services can be built.

Are Leading-Edge Analytics Experts on the Same Page?

Is Analytics 3.0 a pie-in-the-sky idea, or is it something that Enterprises can take advantage of now? We asked three leading Analytics providers Datameer, Platfora and Alteryx about Analytics 3.0 and if their companies were doing anything to make the more democratized vision a reality. Here is what they told us:

Karen Hsu, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Datameer: