Big Data Bits: SAP HANA Propositions IBM Watson + 3 Hookups + 1 OffshootNot everyone’s hot and bothered by IBM Watson, but SAP’s HANA sure is.

The love child of SAP Chairman Hasso Plattner has taken to the company blog to politely coax IBM Ginni Rometty’s Jeopardy-winning cog (this is the term that IBM is beginning to use for cognitive technology) into a relationship.

“Isn't it a no brainer to get Watson to work on HANA?” writes Vijay Vijayasankar, Global Vice President at SAP Labs.

He wasn’t quite so blunt in the beginning of the post:

I would like to make an open invitation to IBM -- how about we join hands to make Watson and HANA work together for the benefit of our customers?

I am not just making this up -- my boss Vishal Sikka who is the executive board member at SAP responsible for all our products and innovation areas is fully supportive of this idea too.”

From there Vijayasankar goes on to provide six reasons as to why SAP would be the perfect partner for Watson, ranging from HANA being a powerful performance platform to its ability to scale up and out easily and to support federation with other systems like Hive, Sybase IQ, etc.

There are also the 1,100 big data and analytics startups that SAP is actively nurturing as they work to create applications on SAP HANA to consider -- IBM could use them to put Watson in front of its customers.

Now, mind you, we have no way of knowing whether Rometty or Watson boss Michael Rhodin have read Vijayasankar’s post, but IBM’s Competitive Intelligence team’s radar ought to light-up when it gets wind of SAP’s takeaway close:

It is absolutely possible that with some investment in time and effort, both SAP and IBM can build something similar to "HANA+Watson" by themselves instead of by collaborating. But why take that route if we can add value to our customers in much shorter time by working together?”

I can almost hear U2’s "With or Without You" playing in the background.

Jaspersoft, Clockwork Team Up to Deliver Big Data Analytics on Assets

Managing assets is a vital business, not only to investment firms, but to companies whose businesses rely on the management of complex machinery, transportation fleets, energy plants and so on. A great deal of complex structured and unstructured data needs to be crunched and analyzed to ensure that goods, services, resources and supplies are utilized at optimal levels and that there’s no burp in service whatsoever.

Clockwork, a predictive analytics solutions company that leverages continuously updating operating data to ensure that key performance indicators are always up to date, has announced a partnership with business intelligence (BI) tools and services provider Jaspersoft, to extend its analytics capabilities.