Does an alliance or partnership between two tech companies have as much impact as a new software release? We wonder if anyone has ever done the calculations. If so, please share.

As for us, we’ve taken our valuation hats off for the day to report on the big data and analytics news, which is all about (surprise!) new alliances, new capabilities and new releases.

Elasticsearch Offers Hadoop Connector, Cloudera Certification

If you haven’t yet heard of Elasticsearch yet, listen up. This company is getting big, fast.

If you already know Elasticsearch, we don’t have to vie for your attention because who can ignore a startup that has raised $104 million from investors and scored more than 8 million downloads in less than two years.

For those not familiar with the Elasticsearch, it’s the search and analytics engine behind the ELK stack (The E stands for Elasticsearch, the “L” Logstash, an open source log management tool and the “K” for open source Kibana which provides visualizations of logs and time-stamped data).

What it does, in plain English, is to provide a way for business that offer digital products - whether through  websites or mobile apps –to make sense of the data associated with them.

This includes data generated by website activity and product interactions. For example:

“If they (customers) are able to access this data and analyze it using statistical math calculations, they have the ability to gain better insights into their customers and products, helping run their business more effectively,” explained Amy White, Director of Global Marketing, at Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch’s magic is that it not only makes it easy to search massive amounts of data, but it comes with mathematical equations built into it, so businesses can easily analyze their data and draw insights.

Yesterday, Elasticsearch announced the 2.0 release of its Hadoop connector, Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop. It indexes data as it’s being generated, making it available for search and analysis in a matter of seconds versus hours. Kibana can then be used to easily explore the massive amounts of data through easy to generate pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots, histograms and more.

Elasticsearch also announced that it has now been certified for Cloudera Enterprise. It was already on board with Hortonworks and MapR.

Thoughtspot Bags Big Bucks

Searching through analytical data is challenging, unless you’re using Thoughtspot, that is. And while that may not yet be true at the moment, the startup hopes you’ll be saying that soon.

Started by engineers from Google, Yahoo and Nutanix, the company’s aim is to democratize access to analytical data throughout the Enterprise, thereby making BI as easy as searching Google.