Go to a big data tech conference, approach any ten people and ask them to name the technology that’s driving the industry. Most of them will say Hadoop.

Ask them to name the vendors who are driving Hadoop’s development, adoption and growth and they’ll say Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and they might even throw Pivotal, Intel, Microsoft HDInsight or WANdisco onto the list

Next, ask them which technology vendors are reeling in the bucks while riding the big data wave and they’ll probably name a few of the aforementioned providers. And get this: if they do that, they’ll be wrong.

We have Some Thoughts & Figures

Last week analysts at Wikibon released a report on Big Data Revenues, and it’s the big guys who own the market and are making the money. Their survey, which looked at 70 vendors, reveals the following interesting insights:

IBM leads the field in big data revenues. And while the report breaks big data revenues down by hardware, software and services, even after you subtract IBM’s big data related hardware revenues from its big data revenue total, it still beats everyone in the field. 

HP’s big data revenues rank it as second. Subtract its big data hardware revenues from its big data total, and only SAP and IBM sell more big data related software and services.

As we go down Wikibon’s list, Dell ranks No. 3 on the list, but it sells only hardware (maybe they should buy a company that provides BD software and services -- a renaissance of sorts, no?) followed by SAP, Teradata, Oracle, SAS Institute and so on ...

It’s worth noting that EMC spinoff, Pivotal, is No. 12, Microsoft is No. 15, Amazon is No. 16, Cloudera ranks at No. 38, Hortonworks No. 41 and MapR is No. 48.

Who’s Reeling in the Dough?

big data

Look at Wikibon’s chart, at left. (Click on the image to enlarge it.) Who’s cashing out on being a big data provider?