Hortonworks business strategy certainly has its naysayers. They claim the venture capital backed company won’t be able to generate the kind of revenues Wall Street investors expect without selling proprietary software that compliments or extends open source Apache Hadoop or any other open source software, for that matter.

This sort of talk falls on deaf ears at Hortonworks.

“Our strategy is to build out (Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform aka HDP) in open source so that it resonates and deeply increases value for our partners, our customers and for us,“ said Shaun Connolly, vice president of Corporate Strategy at Hortonworks.

Free for the Taking


What this means is that the company is spending big bucks paying some of the world’s leading and most dedicated engineers to commit code to the Apache Hadoop project which is, by the way, anyone’s for the taking. It’s fairly widely acknowledged, for example, that Hortonworks employees developed a majority of YARN, which is key to Hadoop 2.x and is now an integral part of most commercial Hadoop distributions.

This is not to say that other commercial Hadoop distro providers don’t commit to the project; Cloudera makes, and has made substantial contributions, as has MapR.

But what sets Hortonworks apart is that the company doesn’t sell software that makes Hadoop enterprise-grade. Tools for governance, security and operations are all included in HDP, which is 100 percent open source. The tools that other vendors provide are proprietary and sold as part of enterprise-grade, Hadoop-based subscriptions.

The Best Experts

Yet Hortonworks value proposition to Enterprises isn’t one of its software being free — it’s about being 100 percent open source, expanding the Hadoop platform, and being able to support its customers and partners like no one else can.

Where does Hortonworks get off claiming the latter? “We spend our time in the Operating System (OS) on behalf of our customers and partners,” said Connolly. In other words: We’re the best experts because we contributed more code than our competitors.