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SXSW Web Content Management System Showdown (Update 2)

SxSW 2009

In an Iron Chef-like match-up, a team of developers from Drupal (news, site), Joomla! (news, site) and WordPress (news, site) had 100 hours to build a website based on a specific list of specifications and design. Then representatives of each team got to meet face to face to show off their hard work during the South by Southwest Interactive festival in a session called "The Ultimate Showdown of Content Management System Destiny."

It was a battle to the end, with a mix of good humor and serious competition among developers from the open source web content management community.

Digitalus CMS: Open Source and (Mostly) Simple

Digitalus CMS 1.5

Digitalus CMS is a fairly new player in the simple CMS market. Their first open source Zend/PHP-based version 1.0 was released in August 2008.

Recently, version 1.5 came out and caught our attention with new features like simple globalization capabilities, web-based installer and the 960 Grid system page layout management.

Some of Digitalus features are strikingly simple, others definitely call for some geeky brains.

Quick Take Review: Vivvo Web Content Management

Quick Take Review - Vivvo Web CMSVivvo is an Web Content Management System based on the popular LAMP stack of technologies. Built by Serbian software house, Spoonlabs, the product is designed to deliver and manage interactive publishing websites.

This PHP-based Web CMS features a modern AJAX-ified user interface, a clean and easy to use backoffice set of tools, and the ability to create your front-end website without having to write a line of code. Come along as we take a closer look under the covers.

Quick Take Review: Clover Web Content Management

Quick Take Review: Clover Content CMS

Their website says it all: Clover CMS is a simple web content management system. Designed to provide basic content management functionality, the intent is to bring content management capabilities to organizations with only minimum requirements and a minimum of appetite for learning new technology.

What Clover Content offers is a straightforward way to create content for your website in a hosted environment, delivered to your website via two simple lines of code.

With this Quick Take Review (see more quick take CMS reviews), we show you exactly what Clover Content CMS is and isn't. Come take a closer look.

Day Software's New CQ5 Web CMS Has Arrived

Day Software, CQ5, CQ5.1

Our hearts are thumping and adrenalin levels are high as we tell you about the just-released Day's CQ5 WCM. To get as close as possible to a real-life experience, we went ahead and installed the software from scratch and played with it for a couple of days. It was a fun ride.

Without further due, letís jump in and see what Day came up with after three years of WCM silence.

Profile: Digital Publishing Solutions from Nstein

Vendor Profile on Nstein Technologies and Web CMS

Every Content Management Solution Provider seeks to find and market what makes them unique. For Nstein, it's a little about their ability to produce a multi-lingual content management solution for the digital publishing industry. But that's not what makes them unique — they have a “secret sauce”. And it may just be the thing that pushes them ahead of an ever growing and growling pack.

Quick Take Review: SDL Tridion R5 Web Content Management System

sdl tridion cms review

What is Tridion? Or is it Trillian, Trideon or Tridian? What can we say, itís tough being a Euro web content management vendor in the U.S. market.

After conquering most of Europe, SDL Tridion started its Web CMS quest in the U.S. in 2006 with their flagship CMS product — Tridion R5 — an offering that has received accolades from such critics as analyst firm, Gartner. R5 comes with a myriad of standard Web CMS features, like inline editing using SiteEdit and some unique functionality such as the Translation Manager.

This Quick Take Review is an overview of SDL Tridion R5.2 with a detailed summary, full of “meat,” at the tail end of this article.

Quick Take Review: Xythos On Demand Document Management

xythos quick take review for saas document management

Xythos is a provider of on-premise and hosted (SaaS) document management solutions for organizations both large and small. Their hosted product has a somewhat unique history in that is was designed and developed from the very beginning as a web-based service.

The SaaS version of their document management product, launched in December 2006, is the software we've got in our sights today. Xythos on Demand (XOD) is a full featured enterprise document management solution, and true to its name, it is delivered as a hosted service. Join us as we poke around in the binary guts of XOD.

Quick Take Review: Matchbin's Social Marketplace for Publishers

matchbin social ecommerce for publishers

Matchbin is touted as the worldís first ecommerce platform as a service that specializes in both product and service matching. They've created something called the Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition. This technical wonder bundle is a fully fledged social media system, web content management system and ecommerce marketplace rolled-up in one.

Quick Take Review: Hot Banana Web Content Management

hot banana web content management Hot Banana is a web content management system (Web CMS) with a heavy emphasis placed on web marketing and content optimization, but with a full range of core content management capabilities which attract customers with a broad range of needs.

The CMS is a part of and integrated with the Lyris suite of marketing solutions, most notably with EmailLabs.

The Lyris marketing suite — following a slew of takeovers of top players in core marketing technologie — has now been formally packaged into Lyris HQ, which is comprised of Hot Banana, EmailLabs (email marketing), ClickTracks (analytics), EmailAdvisor (email campaign analysis and toolset) and BidHero (bid-management).

Quick Take: Clickability's SaaS Web Content Management Platform

Clickability SaaS Web CMS

Clickability is a web content management provider with a twist. Their product, the Clickability Platform, is provided On Demand and is a full service solution offering starting with Infrastructure as a Service and ending with what the company calls Innovation as a Service. The package covers both the back office content management interfaces and, importantly, the delivery and rendering infrastructure.

While there's much more to the Clickability Platform then web content management, it is definitely the central component.

This Quick Take Review is an overview of the Web CMS portion of the Clickability Platform. For the purposes of this review we have restricted most of our discussion on the Web Content Management capabilities — although we do mention some of the additional components in their Software as a Service (SaaS) solution set, as interesting differentiators.

Case Study: Discovering Plone Content Management System (Part 1)

Plone Content Management

DISCOVER Magazine, one of the most widely read science mags in the US, had out grown its dated Web Content Management infrastructure for Times were changing, multi-media was big and in general Web and CMS technology had moved forward significantly.

After analyzing current needs and taking stock of the Web CMS landscape DISCOVER ultimately selected the open source Plone platform. This is a two-part series where we look at the CMS features which convinced DISCOVER to chose Plone.

Movable Type 4.0 vs. Expression Engine 1.6

Movable Type 4 vs ExpressionEngineSome rivalries run deep: Army vs. Navy, Mac vs. PC, and dogs vs. frisbees. With the release of Moveable Type 4 and the near-simultaneous release of ExpressionEngine v1.6, it's time to to examine this perhaps less well-known rivalry.

SharePoint 2007 Review - Six Pillars of MOSS

SharePoint MOSS ReviewMicrosoft's Office SharePoint Server 2007, or “MOSS” for short, is Microsoft's first integrated server platform that aims to provide web content management, enterprise content services, and enterprise search, as well as shared business processes and business intelligence dashboarding to the small/medium enterprise.

CMS Review: OpenCms 6.0

OpenCms Web Content Management SystemReprinted with permission from CMS Watch —
OpenCms 6.0 is a mature, open source Web Content Management (WCM) system based on the J2EE platform. We recently acquired hands-on experience installing and customizing OpenCms on a client project. Our take: OpenCms is well suited to supporting small to medium web sites, but comes with a steep learning curve.

Blogging the Enterprise with Six Apart

Movable Type EnterpriseAnnounced without a lot of fanfare yesterday was Six Apart's latest version of their enterprise blogging platform.

Movable Type Enterprise (MTE), a souped-up version of 6A's commercial blogging platform, has just turned one-point-five. Still, some say MTE is just glossy packaging, the “E” word, and an inflated price tag. Perhaps, perhaps not. By and by the “E” (for Enterprise) is being earned and despite the nay sayers, there is a place for Enterprise Blogging software.

Sitellite PHP Web CMS Review

Since January 2001, Canadian web services company Simian Systems, Inc has marketed their own brand of Web Content Management System called the Sitellite CMS.

Simian recently released the latest version of their Web CMS, the Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System, and CMSWire has had a change to poke under the covers and speak in depth with Simian staff.

CMS Review - Quantum Art QP7

New York-based Quantum Art produces the QP7 content application server. QP7 is geared towards web content management, but aims to break away from the page-based metaphor and provide a framework for developing content centric web applications utilizing QP7 content objects.

Plone Open Source CMS Review

Plone CMS ReviewPlone is a popular Open Source Web CMS based on the Zope application framework. A recent review of Plone by Roger Johansson is definitely worth a close read if you are considering Plone as a Web CMS.

Blog Client Reviews in Brief

This post was authored in FireFox and so far, with good reason. After not so lengthy a pursuit, we have yet to find a blogging client (free or commercial) with the features and usability that inspire us to click the browser to the curb and start authoring from a desktop app.

As it turns out, we might have better luck if OSX is what we called home, but being Win32 geeks, we do tend to drag that perspective around with us.