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Jahia 7: The Rise of Digital Industrialization

There are few surprises in today’s official release of Jahia 7 — but only because Jahia disclosed most of its features and functionality during JahiaOne, its international user conference in Paris this past February.

While the general release of Jahia 7 is interesting, what is just as interesting for future developments of this open source content management system (CMS) vendor is the development of its vision and strategy around what it calls Digital Industrialization. 

Web CMS Quick Take Review: Concrete 5

Marianne Kay takes a deep dive into the Concrete5 web content management system. Here's what she found.

Cloud CMS: Building Your Mobile and Touch Experiences

CloudCMS_logo.jpg Forget about the website for now. If you subscribe to the mobile first mantra or are simply ready to create some great mobile/touch experiences, then check out this new white-label content management service, Cloud CMS. Inbox, Social Network Aggregator

Today's email inboxes are not the only points of contact that you have. Social networks also play this role, and this can include both personal and professional networks. With the need to manage multiple streams of communication and multiple communities, tools like Threadsy can prove to be useful, whether for personal or business use.

Mobile Content Delivery: FatWire Mobility Server Feature Review

Mobile Tech Review: FatWire Mobility Server FatWire's (news, site) updated mobile server product enables enterprises to deliver existing web content to mobile devices, with slick presentation, whatever the hardware. Here's a look at the features.

Ingeniux CMS Review (v7)

Ingeniux is a smallish U.S. vendor with a solid feature set, a mature business posture and a steadily growing list of enviable clients. Here's a background snapshot on the company and our review of release 7 of the Ingeniux Web CMS product.

Can Intranet 2.0 Ever Keep up with Internet 2.0?

We love our Facebook profile, our Twitter account and our gmail account. We also love that almost daily it seems these apps provide something new to try. Now why can't we get the same features and functionality from our company's intranet?

Intranet DASHBOARD Review

iD_logo_2010.jpgIf you’re not quite convinced that SharePoint 2010 will be your next technology true love, and are still on the prowl for an intranet solution sporting collaboration capabilities, then Intranet DASHBOARD (iD) could be the candidate you're after. Here's our review.

ExpressionEngine 2.1 CMS Review, Part 2

On July 12, EllisLab finally released EE2.1, the first non-beta version of ExpressionEngine 2. This is part two of an indepth review of the latest version, including a look at the engine, add-ons and what's gone.

ExpressionEngine 2.1 CMS Review, Part 1

Perhaps the "2" stood for 2 years.

On July 12, EllisLab finally released EE2.1, the first non-beta version of ExpressionEngine 2, a massive change from the EE 1.x line that changes all the underlying code of the software itself, adds an impressive array of new features both large and small, and (EE developers hope) brings to an end a long plateau in the evolution of ExpressionEngine.

CMS Review: Squarespace - SaaS Web Publishing, Blogging Platform

squarespace-logo.jpgIn the hyper-competitive market of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web content management, vendors are desperate to stand out. Squarespace (news, site) differentiates its offering through in-line editing capabilities, an extensive embeddable widgets library, strong iPhone support and dynamic scalability behind the scenes. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on.

SharePoint Alternatives: Atlassian Confluence

 atlassian_logo_2010.jpgIf you don't want to go down the SharePoint route, Atlassian (newssite) could be the alternative you're looking for

CMS Review: Drupal Gardens SaaS Web CMS

Drupal Gardens - SaaS Web Content Management System (CMS)Forget all that talk about the cloud and SaaS. Many just don't want to have to worry about their own hardware, OS, and software. If you're one of this benighted group, there's some new options coming your way. Read on to learn about one of them, Drupal (news, site) style.

CMS Review: Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM)

Oracle acquired Stellent's content management system in a US$ 440 million deal that closed in December of 2006. Since then Oracle has integrated the Stellent assets into the Oracle Fusion Middleware line of products. Here's a look at what is now known as Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM).

BlogEngine.NET, An Open Source Blogging Platform

For those who want to go their own way in the blogosphere and ignore the big guns of WordPress,, Movable Type or any number of other options, we take a look at BlogEngine.Net. This fella is an open source, server-based software package that aims to simplify the increasingly sophisticated world of online scribbling.

Quick Take Review: Umbraco Web Content Management System

logo-umbraco-2009-05.jpg Umbraco is one of only a few open source web content management systems built on Microsoft's .NET technology stack. This CMS is no "out the box" solution. To the contrary, it's a content management system for .NET web developers. And while it's relatively straightforward to use, one must first deal with a steep learning curve.

We took a close look at the latest version of Umbraco (v4.01) and here's what we found.

Quick Take Review: Adobe Contribute for Micro Publishing

Back in 2004 — yes, eons ago in Web time — we lamented over not having a blogging client awesome enough to make us do away with our browsers for daily publishing work. Although there were a few promising candidates, ultimately none of them yielded a good enough score on our terms.

Since then we’ve been keeping tabs on developments in the desktop web content authoring and management tool business, and things have certainly come a long way.

Adobe caught our attention anew just recently. Their release of Creative Suite 4, including Contribute v5.0 sparked hope that we might find a wonderful desktop tool in which to while away our days. Let's take a closer look.

SharePoint Online (SaaS) Review - What it is and Isn't

Going Online with SharePointWith the number of on-premise SharePoint installs going no where but up, one has to wonder why Microsoft has also gone to the trouble of building an online (SaaS) version.

In an interview with Redmond's Director of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Tom Rizzo indicated the move was in part to reach new customers and grow revenue more efficiently — keeping up with the Joneses also comes to mind.

SharePoint Online isn't for everyone. While it offers a nice bit of functionality that will support many organization's collaboration and document management needs, there are some things you can't do and you should be aware of these before you sign up.

Quick Take Review: Cubeless Enterprise Social Networking

Quick Take Review - CubelessCommunities are fast becoming an important part of any business strategy — whether they are internal communities, customer communities, partner communities or some combination thereof.

The choices on technical solution are numerous — a recent Forrester report indicated there were over 100 community solutions in the marketplace today. This probably doesn't include solutions that come as part of a web content management platform. While we won't review all of them, CMSWire will take a look at some of the more well-known, and some not so well known solutions.

We encourage your feedback on our review process and suggestions for products to review. Submit your ideas to editorial team (contact info here).

The first community solution review we have for you hails from Sabre Holdings — these are the guys who bring us Travelocity and all those airline reservation systems we love to hate.

Recently released to the general public, cubeless is a hosted internal — or corporate — community solution. It is a simple community solution without all the functionality you typically see in the more well-known offerings, but that doesn't mean its not worth looking at. In fact, it may mean just the opposite — depending on your requirements.

Quick Take Review: Telligent's Graffiti Web Content Management

Graffiti_logo_2009.jpg Telligent's primary offering is Community Server (news, site), a social media and community solution. But it's not the only thing they have going. They also offer a web content management system called Graffiti CMS.

Graffiti CMS is a simple web content management system — the CMS in its name actually stands for "content made simple". Some consider it a blogging platform, but it contains features and functionality that you don't normally see in such as platform. And anyways, the lines between blogging platforms and web content management systems are rapidly blurring, n'est pas?

Our interest piqued, we took a look at Graffiti and here's what we found.