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Google Keyword Armageddon: Not as Bad as it Sounds


Millions of SEO consultants have been reduced to quivering, shaking piles of protoplasm over the past month since Google rolled out the details of its long-feared keyword blackout. Google has moved to encrypt the majority of keyword data in logged-in user searches, drastically limiting the information people get about web keyword queries.

B2B Marketing Stats: CEOs Don't Trust CMOs, Social Doesn't Work, Banner Ads Aren't Dead

customer experience, B2B Marketing Stats: Banner Ads, Direct Mail Not Dead Yet

Eight out of ten CEOs don’t trust the work done by their marketers. 

That quieted the room pretty quickly when Jason Stewart, content strategist for ANNUITAS, tossed out that number to the audience at Wednesday’s Digital Pulse Boston 2013.

And yes, that’s not a figure you’re taking back to your C-Suite any time soon — but the 2013 B2B landscape has bright spots too. Let's wander through some stats.

Want to Capture Customers' Attention? Act Like a Media Company


I have a confession to make. I suffer from Customer Attention Deficit Disorder. I use multiple screens, devices and resources to make online buying decisions. Often, I load up my online shopping cart and then abandon the checkout process, either because I get distracted by something else or want to think about my decision to buy a little longer. The brands I interact with that understand my condition, email me and remind me that I left items in my cart or their site's cookies show related items in my Facebook feed. The brands that don't understand my condition don't follow up. Maybe these savvy brands are just enabling me, but according to Michael Brito, they have morphed their brand into the next media company. 

New InboundWriter Update Gives Context to Your Content Marketing #CMWorld

A successful content marketing strategy accounts for where content will ultimately be published. To effectively gauge how content will perform, it's essential that you understand how it measures up against your competitors as well as leaders in your industry. After all, there's a big difference between publishing a blog post to a website with a limited reach and publishing an article to a prominent, well-read website with a large audience. Even if you use popular keywords and write strategically about relevant topics, if you're not factoring in the reality of your website's influence, you may be setting your web content up for failure.

13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing Processes

Customer Experience,13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing ProcessesYou can use your web content management system to do content marketing, but are there better tools out there to fit your needs? Robert Rose, and the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), analyzed 13 new solutions for content collaboration. Here's his take on this disruptive market.

Three Keys to a Competitive Content Marketing Strategy: Message, Medium, Membership

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Three Keys to a Competitive Content Marketing Strategy: Message, Medium & MembershipMost of us fight the daily whack-a-mole war on email and try to split our time judiciously between multiple devices and infinite amounts of digital content. There is no shortage of it. The result? Scarcity of attention. 

Forrester Report: Yammer is Taking SharePoint to the Cloud

Forrester Report: Yammer is Taking SharePoint to the Cloud

Yammer is the way Microsoft can solve many of the problems that continue to plague SharePoint, a Forrester report has found, but companies will have to move to the cloud - at least in part - to see the changes.

Content Marketing: 3 Tools for Unique Content Curation and Delivery

Content marketing isn't just about creating content. While many organizations will tell you that content creation is among their biggest marketing challenges, successful content marketing also depends on sharing and curating content. 

How to Design Your Content Strategy in 12 Steps

Customer Experience: 12 Steps to Designing Content StrategyDesigning your own content strategy is one of the most enjoyable, useful and essential tasks of a content professional. It proves your added value, involves your manager in your activities and improves cooperation with your co-workers.

Content Strategy: Organization Language Versus Customer Language

If you want to communicate with customers on the Web you must use their language.

How People Read Online [Infographic]

Now that reading online involves a bevy of social actions, from sharing to commenting across a plethora of devices, how many of your site’s readers will make it past the first paragraph?

Percussion CMS Gets Live First: Website + Content Migration

Percusion CMS Gets Live First: Content, No Website Migration, wem, web  cms

Let's paint a picture. You are ready to take your website to the next level, but your organization falls somewhere between looking for the benefits to move to a Web CMS and reducing the costs related to that move. Percussion's newest patent pending feature, Live First, could be the answer that you need. 

Webinar Recap: Video is the New Document

Webinar Recap: Video is the New Document

Think video is the defacto form of communication on the Web? You're not alone.  The explosion of online video has inundated the Web in much the same way documents once resulted in information overload. Video is, in a sense, the new document.

Web Experience: Content is Critical for Web Success

The Web is content. Without content there is no Web. However, only a small amount of content is useful. The rest gets in the way.

Atex OneView 1.4 Advertising System Released for Media Companies

Traditional media companies are attempting to transform themselves into digital media companies, but for those who still publish newspapers and print magazines, Atex has updated its OneView advertising system for ads online and on paper.

How Do You Know You Do Not Have a Strategy?

Organizations that have no relevant strategy for the online world are in love with technology and content for its own sake. 

Content Strategy: Why Branding Matters

There's a lot of discussion lately in the content strategy space about branding. So, how relevant is it to an overall content strategy?

ThingLink Release Interactive Image Feature for Facebook

ThingLink is introducing its interactive imaging sharing technology for Facebook users, giving brands one more method of reaching their audience on the social network.  

Content Strategy: Understanding Social Top Tasks

Why do customers follow Cisco on Facebook, Twitter and community forums? That’s the question Cisco wanted to answer in order to better tailor the content they provide on these platforms. To answer this question, Cisco came to Customer Carewords to leverage our Top Tasks methodology. 

Reply & Elaborate Your Content Strategy With Relaborate


Are you a social media manager looking for ideas for topics you can post about online? Are you a content manager who is trying to simplify the process of creating, updating and publishing blog posts, while incorporating edits from contributors? Then look no further than Relaborate, a new content creation platform.