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This Week: 5 Easy Content Marketing Projects + The Responsive Design Debate

Content Marketing — Step by Step
Don't know how to get started in Content Marketing? Check out this approach to developing your content marketing strategy. You can also try one of these fast and easy Content Marketing projects or 7 ways to reverse engineer great content.

Responsive Design…Or Not?
Did you miss our recent Optimizing Mobile Customer Experience webinar? Fear not, we have the full webinar summary and recording right here. Or perhaps you agree with this article and think that responsive design is the wrong paradigm.

July's Tweet Jam Next Wednesday
A final reminder that our Content Marketing Tweet Jam is next Wednesday July 25th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT. Details here.

Leading With Content Marketing
Learn how to build a Content Marketing Strategy — interactive webinar with Robert Rose and CMSWire.

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Planning Your Channel Content Marketing

shutterstock_83297098.jpg Content marketing is the promotion of content with a view of bringing your audience to your website, branded microsite or social media landing page and converting them to perform an action. This is also known as inbound marketing. The process of content marketing across multiple channels needs to be carefully managed for successful results and positive conversion outcomes.

Will Open Warfare in the Realm of Media Hatch an Alliance in the Game of Thrones?

The seven kingdoms of watchable content and distribution are in turmoil.  Watchable content providers are in open warfare with distributors. Powerful dynasties have been discarded to the dustbin of history. Upstart usurpers are in a mad land grab fraught with a combination of peril and promise. Amidst it all average consumers, the people of the kingdoms, engage in open rebellion by joining the either the upstarts or even the wildling pirates in brazen contempt of the established powers that be. As in all battles for supremacy the future is unclear, but one truth remains the same, victors emerge not through power, but through smart alliances.

7 Ways to Reverse Engineer Great Content

There’s no arguing with the fact that content marketing holds a tremendous amount of potential in terms of its ability to improve the customer experience on your website and drive targeted traffic in a cost-effective way.

Unfortunately, just because a strategy has potential doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do — as anyone who’s ever tried (and failed) to launch viral-style content before can attest to!

A Recipe for Going Viral from a 5,000,000 View Video Maker

Some of the social media mavens would have us all believe that you can't make a viral video on purpose. I'm here to tell you that they are wrong. Lack of intention has nothing to do with it.

My recent interview with Steve Yu illustrated that intention just might be one of the keys to success. Kevin "Nalts" Nalty, acclaimed expert on social media and video in particular, famously claimed that viral was dead for advertisers and marketers "because the odds of a commercial video being seen by millions are nearly insurmountable". I'd say Nalts is half right. The odds are very long indeed, but I think Nalts was looking through the traditional marketing lenses which basically make attempts at going viral dead on arrival.

Content Strategy: Why Review and Remove Are Such Critical Web Skills

In the history of evolution it is generally better to complicate than to simplify. But complication can hit a wall.

Book Review: Creating the Conversation Company

The first thing you notice when reading The Conversation Company: Boost Your Business Through Culture, People and Social Media by Steven Van Belleghem is that it’s as much about the customer as it is about the company. By seeking to transform company culture to become more collaborative, creative and well, conversational, an organization must focus on delivering a successful customer experience.

This Week: Responsive Design's Impact on Marketing + Content Marketing with Your Web CMS

Aside from the big 4th of July celebrations in the US, it was a week of solid insights and opinions, including a discussion on what responsive design means for marketing. Following that we looked at why marketing and IT must align, and brought you some data about how the social software market is booming.

Content Marketing & Web CMS
Your Web CMS may not have what it takes to handle the Content Marketing challenge. If you're headed down this road, check out Content Marketing: The Changing Role of the Web CMS.

Tweet Jam in July: Content Marketing
Coming this month, we will gather together experts in the field on content marketing for our July 25th #CXMChat. Drop us a line if you'd like to be a panelist.  

Webinar: Understanding Responsive Design for Mobile Web Experience
Learn about the business side of Responsive Design and see how to better engage your mobile customers.

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InboundWriter Releases New, iPad-Friendly Version of Its Content Optimization App

inboundwriter logo 62712.pngWriters who use Apple’s iPad now have another tool at their disposal. On Thursday, InboundWriter announced the new release of its content optimization system, which now works on the popular tablet.

LinkSmart with New Publisher Focused Link Management Platform

A Colorado-based startup led by the former CEO of DailyCandy has emerged from stealth mode. LinkSmart uses text links to help sites increase traffic and drive visitor engagement.

A Look at the B2B Content Delivery Funnel

Want to make better decisions when it comes to your content strategy? Demandbase and the Content Marketing Institute have partnered to released a guide and corresponding infographic that illustrates the Content Delivery Funnel. Both are designed to point marketers in the right direction when deciding which technologies to use in their content marketing programs.  

Mobile Content Strategy: Five Analytics that Really Matter

If you’re paying attention to your mobile content strategy, you may be confused about which analytics you should be tracking. Mobile is a different animal and requires tracking your users in a different way.

Flipboard Strikes Deal with New York Times

Flipboard Strikes Deal with New York TimesNew York Times readers will now be able to read more than just the top news stories on Flipboard after a new content deal was struck between the two companies.

What Facebook Can Learn From Donald Trump

If Zuck was on the Apprentice I think The Donald would fire him in the first week. I'm not one to put Donald Trump on a pedestal and any reader familiar with my search for authentic value would probably be surprised to see me writing something positive about him, but there is one thing he's got figured out a whole lot better than Facebook.

Web Experience: Navigation and Search Are Twins

Well-organized websites are easier to search and navigate.

Facebook vs Google Display Network Online Ad Smackdown: Who Comes Out On Top?

When it comes to online display advertising, two titans clearly dominate the marketplace: Facebook and Google Display Network. So if you are looking to place an online display ad and only want to use one outlet, which is the better choice?

Review: The Community Engagement Project

There has been a lot written on the value an engaged community can bring an organization. There's also a lot of great advice on how to be a great Community Manager. But if you are still struggling to figure out how to do it right — from the start — or wondering how your current community stacks up, there's a new community framework available to help you out.

DAM Lowdown: Forrester Wave, Brandspaces, Maturity Model, a New Partnership

This week, we look at the Q2 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, what went down at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, a partnership between ADAM Software and ConceptShare, how to measure maturity in the young DAM marketplace and a new white paper from Widen.

Web Experience: How Useful is Your Website?

Great websites have a clear function, purpose and use. What does your website help your customers to do?

Inbound Writer's New Topic Buzz Module Adds Twitter Analysis

Content producers can use big data to their advantage when researching relevant ideas, search terms and keywords for their Web writing. Now, one company wants to make it even easier for writers to scour the Internet for the most searchable and insightful ideas that can make any marketing or publishing solution perform as needed. Inbound Writer has added a new module called Topic Buzz — a Twitter analytics tool for cutting through the social network's stream of information.