Let’s face it, social media has changed how we marketers are doing our jobs. In addition to all the work that’s already on our plate, we now have to do LinkedIn updates, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and, oh yeah, Google pluses. That’s not even counting blogging (or chasing down guest bloggers!). And it’s all with the hope of getting the word out about our company… and maybe generating some quality leads too.

Meanwhile, buyers are now awash in a sea of social updates, tweets, blog posts and other content. The result? Even as we spend more (and more) time doing social media, we’re grabbing less (and less) of our prospects’ attention. Alas, what’s a B2B marketer to do? We have lead goals after all.

Here are six ways to rise above the noise to grab your buyers’ attention using social media (without requiring more effort!):

1. Focus on the Less Than 1%

First of all, don't approach social media like a popularity contest. The objective is NOT to reach everyone with your marketing content, especially since more than 99% of the people on social media aren’t prospects (you’re a B2B marketer, remember?). Instead focus on the less than one percent that truly represents your target audience.

shutterstock_115451902.jpgSaid another way, exactly who are you selling to and what are their wants, needs, desires and pain points? This is where buyer personas come in. (Using them? You should be.) Focus all your efforts on finding and engaging these folks on social media --they’re the ones you want to be popular with!

2. Tell a One of a Kind Story

Your business has competitors, but turns out your customers chose you. Why is that? Think about what makes your business, product, service, people or story unique and compelling. Is your service faster, easier to use, more responsive, built with the latest technology? Maybe your CEO is famous (Dancing with the Stars?), from a faraway land or has a really compelling view on how the future should look.

Whatever the reason, get a handle on why your company is one of a kind and make that central to how you approach content marketing and social media.

3. Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

Which social platforms, blogs, Q&A sites, user groups and forums is your target audience active on? Sure, this will most likely include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but it will also include other communities, too. One place it probably won’t include? Your current social media brand pages. Why? Because chances are good that most of your current fans and followers aren’t prospects (Surprised? Take a look).