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I don't like writing "top tip list” articles even though they get lots of readers. I don't like writing SharePoint articles, even though they get even more readers. I don't like “UX litmus tests” (UX is for user experience). I don't like any of these things.

But what I like even less are the hordes of UX poseurs who glom on to the movement and sell themselves as UX experts when they are little more than shops with a dude semi-proficient with Adobe Photoshop.

Spotting The Poseur In The Wild

A significant component of my disdain for the poseurs is connected to the fact that most corporate or startup consumers of UX services cannot distinguish the poseurs from the practitioners. In service to all the believers who don't have all the time in the world to grill their potential partners, I have made a list of red flags to watch out for.

None of these items is sufficient in and of itself to fully qualify for the poseur moniker, but the presence of three or more makes it a pretty sure bet.