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Marketers need technology skills — or at least a keen understanding of the technologies that make them better marketers.

“If you're not a digital native, you're not going to go far,” Jim Durbin, vice president of digital marketing at Plano, Texas-based told CMSWire. “Technology is already moving faster than any of us can adjust to, so if you can't use technology to make yourself more productive, you're no good to anyone.”

Bennet James Bayer, Global CMO and vice president of strategy for Huawei Carrier Software, also based in Plano, Texas, said technology skills are not the “end-all” for marketers.

But he noted that even someone as experienced as his wife, who managed $6 billion in brands for consumer food products during her career, would probably not be able to work at a junior level without a basic understanding of mobile, social, search and email marketing. 

“I don’t believe it is necessarily technology skills so much as an understanding of the related technologies, how and when to employ them,” Bayer said. “That has changed dramatically.”

Marketers’ Checklist 

Technology, though, isn’t the only skill necessary to survive as a marketer, the practitioners told CMSWire. Here are seven things that successful marketers, marketing managers and marketing departments do:

1. Show, Don’t Tell 

Talking only gets you so far. What sounds great in a meeting means little in the practical world.

“It's not about talking about what can be done, it's about showing people how to do more,” Durbin said. “That's what you can do well. Your future boss already thinks you know more than him, but do you know enough to make him better?”

2. Open the Door for Improvement

While you’re tending to massive requests from vendors and looking at ways to get your department moving better, don’t forget one immutable truth:

The biggest investment you make should be with your talent – your junior marketers, for instance.

“You don't improve companies. You improve people,” Durbin said. “If you don't get that, you won't be able to sell them. How do you improve their career? Give them the opportunity to improve. Show them what you can do.”