It is a generally held truism in the digital marketing community that “content is the biggest challenge to manage.” But according to a presentation from Erin Scime, Associate Director of Content Strategy of Razorfish at the recent MIMA Summit, people are the root of the problem when it comes to creating and executing a digital content strategy.

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When People are Lacking

One big people-related problem Scime related in her presentation is actually a lack of people. As in, no content owner equals no content strategy, translation plan, publishing plan, job descriptions or expectations, which ultimately leads to either discarded translated copy or reactive, ad hoc publishing. However, the process of creating digital content is almost always touched by more than one person, yet organizations expect one “super-human” to tie the whole “system” together.  

When People are Political

Another significant people-related problem that plagues digital content is corporate politics and bureaucracy. A new digital design or site expansion leads to new titles and roles, sites areas to manage, patterns for distribution and a whole new way of integrating into a larger advertising ecosystem. That leads to difficulties relating to politics and process. Proper advance planning to put structure in place will mitigate most process-related issues and putting the right management in place will stave off most political issues.

Four Tactics for Turning around People Problems

Scime offered four tactics to help companies turn around people problems: