customer experience, Adobe Users: Full Day's Work Gone Due to Login LockoutTom Edwards had deadlines to hit. Clients to answer to. Money to make.

He couldn't get any of it done when Adobe's software crash last week locked out him and the rest of its million users from its online subscription service.

"The login failure meant that we could not complete scheduled workloads for three of our customers, all of which had updates and changes to be made to their websites, one business critical, as well as finish design mock-ups for another client," said Edwards, founder & director of Digital Edwards, a Berkshire, UK-based creative and marketing agency. 

Full Day's Work Gone

Edwards has a team of four full-time staff as well as a reliable source of freelancers it often uses to help fill in the gaps.

customer experience, Adobe Users: Full Day's Work Gone Due to Login Lockout

It uses the Adobe Creative Cloud online subscription service primarily for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator for the design and creation of graphic print, website design, development and day-to-day updates for its Adobe Business Catalyst client websites. Adobe Business Catalyst is a Web CMS aimed for building and maintaining websites.

The lockout lasted about 24 hours starting this past Wednesday, according to Adobe. Several Adobe services were affected, Adobe said in a blog statement

"The failure happened during database maintenance activity and affected services that require users to log in with an Adobe ID," Adobe said.

Because of it, Edwards and his team lost a complete working day's time for two people internally during Thursday, "time we as a small business now can not invoice for," he told CMSWire.

"We also had several customers severely question the trust and security of the Adobe Business Catalyst system we had spent several weeks selling and promoting to them," he added. 

Adobe did not respond to requests for commentary for this piece.

'Held Hostage'

He wasn't alone. In a 120-plus-commented Adobe Business Catalyst blog post, users decried the login lockout.

Neil Eisenberg, one of those users, said he was "held hostage" and that the 24-hour outage was "not acceptable." Eisenberg is owner of the Design Intervention Studio, a web design shop out of Woodstock, N.Y.

Catching up with CMSWire Friday, Eisenberg said 90 percent of his business is run through Adobe Business Catalyst. He has been a premium partner since 2010.  

"In order to administer the site content and make changes," Eisenberg said, "it is necessary to log in to the admin section of everyone's site. Effective this past Wednesday, Adobe changed the login for partners to have to coincide with your Adobe ID login."

Effectively, Eisenberg said, this locked out all Adobe Business Catalyst partners out of their clients' sites for an entire day.  

"Since our IDs are also used for FTP it affected that, too," Eisenberg added, "and also some functionality in the form of APIs that talk to other services."

Customers who use an email address and password that is not and Adobe ID -- they are still permitted to do that -- were able to log in to their own sites and make changes, Eisenberg told CMSWire.