Every month, we like to give a quick update on some of the most important open source CMS projects. This month, we'll go in alphabetical order, and kick things off with Acquia and Drupal's new documentation team lead. 


As you most likely know, Acquia is a big supporter of the Drupal ecosystem. The company recently released its Drupal Commons 3.0 update to help with the creation and management of customer communities and social-driven applications. In other Drupal news, after 13 years as its technical editor, Lee Hunter has been appointed the documentation team lead.

In March, Acquia is having a party -- or "meetup" -- at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas on March 11th between 3:30 and 4:30 pm (CTZ) in the Driskill Ballroom at the Driskill hotel. The theme for the meetup is Web agility -- the ability to keep up with the pace of digital change in the marketing world.

Composite C1

A full stable release of Composite C1 4.0 came one step closer in February with the release of a second beta version. The updated beta is available for download, and supports Internet Explorer 9 and 10 running in standards mode. However, support for IE7 and 8 has been dropped. For those willing to run the beta version, the company is including support and automated upgrades, features usually only associated with paying customers.

Composite C1 also released an Add-on Market for help in finding more features to install. Partners are able to submit free and paid add-ons. In another partner move, the company has debuted customer portals so third party vendors can sign up, and websites built with Composite C1 can be displayed. Finally, there are now five pricing levels to choose from. There is a free version, obviously, and paid versions from US$ 40 per month up to US$ 899 per month depending on the level of support/inclusion of other features.

Composite C1 Partner overview shows all the Composite C1 installations in the last 30 days.


A new full release is also ready for a March launch from Entando -- Entando 3.2. The new version will focus on speeding up new installations and making it easier to immediately switch from one database management system to another. On the front end, the famous Twitter Bootstrap framework is being included in v3.2, and a new feature called Bundles will allow for reusing graphical templates.

Other updates include:

  • Enterprise customers to get plugins like the "social" plugin that will allow administrators and users to share content with social networks directly from the administration area of Entando Portals during the editing process.
  • Business users and those interested in intranet solutions will get a connector to Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite that will integrate in Entando administration, analysis and reporting features.

eZ Systems

In March, eZ Systems will add the next episode in a series of tutorials about advanced caching. The 2013.2 build of eZ Publish Community project will also be out soon. eZ Community project 2013.1 arrived mid-February, and it included bug fixes, merged pull requests and enhancements. Also in February, was the eZ Americans Winter Gathering in Fort Myers, FL.


It really is update season around here, as Hippo will be releasing version 7.8.1 of its Java based CMS. The latest update includes advanced search and bulk operations for the Enterprise Edition. That means bulk workflows can be performed on selections right in the search results. The only thing that will be left out of the Enterprise Edition is the Relevance Module, and that should come out from Hippo in May.

For the Community Edition, there will be a new repository scheduler API and lots of smaller changes.