With the release of its "IDC Q4 2012 Mobile Developer Report," Appcelerator has announced its mobile predictions for 2013 that stem from trends during the latter half of 2012.

A mobile development platform, Appcelerator and the International Data Corporation (IDC), surveyed 2,837 of Appcelerator Titanium developers from November 15 to 26 about their thoughts on mobile, social and cloud issues.

There are four areas that seemed to stand out in the report: the support or lack of support for mobile and tablet devices, Apple’s continual lead as a developer favorite and problems with Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.

Apple Rules the World… For Now

Apple, one of the most sought after developer platforms for apps and other mobile products, continues to remain at the top of the market with the iPhone and iPad receiving 89 and 86 percent of developer support. Android, Apple’s most formidable competition, follows closely behind with its phones at 77 percent and tablets at 64 percent.

Despite an apparent favoring of Apple devices, the products appear to be difficult to work with. According to the report, developers are worried about fragmentation issues due to the variation of products, such as having to design applications for six different screen sizes.

Developers are also concerned about inconsistencies with polices regarding app submission in the iTunes app store -- despite recent improvements to the app’s search function and the overall Apple Operating system. While those surveyed in the report admit that so far there haven’t been any problems, only 19 percent of those asked in the survey felt that Apple has control over possible fragmentation issues or is easy to develop for.

With these problems in mind, Appcelerator concludes that because of a lack of confidence in Apple’s system, other “ecosystems” may have the chance to offer their services to developers by introducing easier to use multi-platform systems that can be used by the most popular operating systems, like Android and iOS.

Despite a strong following, Android appears to not have the same issues. While Android appears to be improving and continues to be good mobile alternative, it isn't going to overtake Apple in 2013.