There's an overwhelming amount of data out there. To remain agile in an increasingly complex market, businesses need to somehow harness the power of this data, get a complete picture of their customers, and react in real time across all parts of the customer journey. Sound like a challenge?

Five brands show how automating even parts of a business can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Mike's Bikes Makes the Most of Limited Resources


Your teams may be amazing, but they only have so much time on the clock. Automating processes across the marketing life cycle can help them be even more productive. Even better, it can help you manage and improve the multichannel customer experience across web, contact center, social media and mobile in a cost effective manner.

Mike’s Bikes, a localized chain with brick-and-mortar stores in northern California, operates a hugely successful website with an extremely small marketing team. With that growth putting strain on their very limited resources, they automated as much of their search marketing activities as possible. In doing so, they decreased the cost of acquiring new traffic by 15 percent and improved conversion rates by nearly three times.

Boden Keeps its Customers Happier

Your customers are already telling you everything you need to keep improving their experience. This is essential to building brand loyalty: customer experience -- not pricing or features -- is the single largest influencer on buying decisions. Real time analytics can help your business encourage up-sell / cross-sell and increase customer satisfaction.

With just two brick-and-mortar stores, international retail giant Boden drives most of its business through its website. The company measures and understands visitors' actions and then optimizes the online experience in real time based on those implicit or explicit actions. Removing manual marketing processes like single channel analysis, profiling and manual targeting rules has enabled Boden to see increases in revenue per visit based on replicable, reliable data.

TransUnion Takes the Guesswork out of Targeted Content

You only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention when they first visit your site. Make it count by leveraging what you already know about similar demographic segments and automatically serve up content that's proven to work.