“Get me as many followers as possible … and get them soon”

I hear that request often.

Unfortunately, having a lot of Twitter “followers” or getting many “likes” on Facebook is not a good proxy for influence. And influence is probably more important than popularity.  

As Rogers pointed out in his classic Diffusion of Innovations, influencers persuade others, so it’s important to target influencers in large scale networks.

These days, people focus less on the popularity of a person. Instead, they focus on the interpersonal relationships among a specific tribe and then the willingness and readiness of the group to use a new product or technology. They also focus on the ability of that person to provide useful information. Influence is less about size and more about about relevancy, specificity and expertise on a certain topic.

The Million Followers Fallacy

Adi Avnit coined the term: The Million Followers Fallacy, which states that the number of Twitter followers is largely meaningless. After looking at data from all 52 million Twitter accounts (and, more closely, at the 6 million “active users”), Meeyoung Cha from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems confirmed Avnit’s theory, stating, “Popular users who have a high indegree [number of followers] are not necessarily influential in terms of spawning retweets or mentions”

Followers Always Don’t Make True Groupies

There are a number of reasons why followers don’t represent how much influence a person has.

  • Following says more about popularity (size of audience) and less about a person’s ability to influence a user or sway the opinions of her followers.
  • Followers conflate repetition with understanding, i.e. if we beat a message into people’s heads through repetition, they will understand our message.
  • “Follower Fraud” (where people get paid to build accounts and follow someone) is rampant.
  • Many people click “follow” and never interact with that person again (I am certainly guilty of this).

Unfortunately, small and large businesses often prioritize the goal of getting as many followers as possible. They believe that if a person has a lot of followers, they must be able to sway the crowd. Or at least be worthy of a gold star.

The people who study what makes someone influential, however, understand that this is not a good proxy and that popularity does not equal influence. They also know there is no consensus on how to measure influence.

Followers Are Just Cold Leads


It is probably better to think of followers as being part of the "lead funnel." But in most cases, these are just cold leads, meaning you need to either offer them something, such as a coupon or discount. In other words, get them to raise both hands instead of just one.

Facebook Offer: “Pay to Reach Your Followers”

With Facebook Promote Post program, marketers will need to manage the lead generation process better. According to the Wall Street Journal, ”Under a program rolled out in May, businesses pay Facebook Inc. anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars to promote a post to the news feeds of users who have “liked” their page, plus Facebook friends of those users.” (This number really surprised me. I now need to recalculate my Facebook related cost per lead numbers).