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Stephanie Frasco loves few things more than social media. But content is one of them. “Content Is King," she stated enthusiastically. "It's everything … The key to attracting the right customers, the best tool for building relationships with prospects, the most powerful way to convert prospects into sales, the No. 1 way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, online and off.


Frasco, a social media marketing consultant, is vice president at Los Angeles based Convert With Content. In the past 7 years, she has worked with clients worldwide to help them maximize their efforts from social networking and blogging. 

Through a rather tongue-in-cheek blog called Socially Stephanie, she offers advice like this to B2B businesses:

I want you to absolutely think about blogging within LinkedIn's new publishing platform. Yes, this is hot off the presses. LinkedIn's publishing platform is now open to the public. The possibility of getting in front of LinkedIn's 200 million plus users is exhilarating, but you have to do it right. Create unique content for LinkedIn. Look at it as a guest blogging platform and not a syndication network. Duplicate content doesn't bode well with the Google gods. I know that I'll be spending investing some good ol' blogging sweat equity there, and you should too."

Hooked on a (Social) Feeling

Stephanie Frasco

What else does Frasco have to say? Here's a sampling.

Sobel: Tell me a how you got started.

Frasco: I got started in marketing straight out of college when I started a celebrity fashion website. You could use it to search what celebrities were wearing and locate a place where you could buy the same looks. Because we were a startup with limited funds, I had to come up with innovative ways to market the site. I found blogs and forums to be the best way to connect and engage to build brand awareness. 

Blogging was the first form of social media. Twitter and Facebook weren't around yet. Naturally that love for engaging, networking and using social media grew as these social media sites evolved. Everything I learned was all through trial and error, but when it came down to it, one thing stayed the same. And that's this: Building relationships with people online is the best way to increase awareness and conversations around businesses.