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Another option for marketers that gives them the ability to combine content and tell stories in a new way is Prezi.

I think in 2013, you’re going to see many new tools and technologies emerge to solve some of the problems we face on a consistent basis as content marketers. Scout for the ones that solve your clients’ current challenges.

4. Lead Funnel Conversations

What’s the number one rule in any detective work? Follow the money. So too, content marketers are going to need to truly understand how their clients make money.

What drives revenue? In most places, it’s leads or prospects. These are the people or other companies you can sell your products or services. Therefore, as an industry, both in content strategy and content marketing, you’re going to see people start to talk about lead funnels, lead generation, lead scoring and conversions. Did you know what ROI was four years ago? Expect the same for the lead funnel.

5. Photographic Content

It’s already happened with Pinterest and Instagram. So too, we’ll continue to see a steady rise in the fascination people have with pictures. That doesn’t mean text will die on the Web. Rather, it just gives you more choices for how you choose to display your content.

What do you think 2013 will bring?

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Based in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Ahava Leibtag is a Web content strategist and writer. She leads AHA Media Group, a Web and content consulting firm operating since 2005. She authors the blog Online it ALL Matters.

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