2012 will see further pushes in the way stores try to get us to buy stuff, but don't just be a passive consumer this year, expect appeals for you to fund or work on apps and games to become increasingly common.

Crowd Funding Getting Bigger

If you have an idea for a useful app or a cool game, particularly with the mobile market in mind, one of the booming areas of getting funding is via crowdsourcing or crowd funding. With projects easy to run virtually or from home, the likes of 8-bit Funding and GamesPlant are helping to get games and apps built at a rate of knots.

Or, if you have an idea for an app, but no coding skills, you can turn to the increasingly popular crowdsourcing communities (such as BlurGroup) who will find the right people to help you develop your app, design a project or help you in other ways.

It is easy enough to sign up to help work on, or fund one of these projects with just a few dollars or a more substantial amount (some titles have raised six figure sums). The rewards range from early access to the game or app, to some that offer money if the game is financially successful. With the number of ideas swamping the usual routes to development, expect a lot more of this sort of activity.

It will only take one project to reach even a fraction of the success of Angry Birds for larger investors to come running in. But for now, it's a fun way to engage with a community, and where you can learn to contribute by developing or using your own coding or creative skills. Remember to sign up to codeyear.com if you want to develop your own skills this year.

Working Through the Registry

Wedding registries or gift lists have long been a standard way for listing those much-needed or desired presents. Now, web stores are wholly embracing the registry concept and running with it for births, birthdays, Christmas, religious events and almost any other occasion they can think of to help you get what you want and for them to sell it.