An Israeli crowdsourcing website startup that launched today will be a hub for those in the market for B2B software and even reach B2C-level success like Amazon or Ebay, its founder boasted to CMSWire. 

Chekkt, which includes reviews and ratings on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions and outsourced services, launched www.chekkt.com. It is designed to help companies, from startups and mom-and-pop shops to businesses with thousands of employees, discover, compare and purchase the best SaaS solutions for their needs, according to Chekkt CEO Ori Manor.

"The problem is quite simple," Manor told CMSWire. "Businesses today really don't have a go-to destination to compare services. It's unbelievable what you see in the B2C realm with Amazon. Everything is accessible, and you have a huge inventory at your fingertips. In the B2B sector, it's hard to discover these things, and it's hard to tell whether a certain software is relevant for your needs."

Legitimate Reviews?

The problem is clear. Software solutions are endless today. Just look at Scott Brinker's marketing technology landscape -- and that's not even all of them.

Crowdsourcing sites like G2 Crowd and TrustRadius look helpful. There hundreds of reviews of software and reports that rank software.

But on reviews incoming from the web, do we know the full story? Were reviewers nudged by vendors to favor their software? Did the vendors themselves generate most of the reviews? Who are the reviewers, and how is this checked by the crowdsourcing managers?

G2 Crowd,  when we talked to them earlier this year, said they monitor this all the time, and each reviewer is legitimized via his LinkedIn account. G2 Crowd filters out vendors and competitors from publishing reviews, though vendors can add their products to the site for the chance to be reviewed.

CMSWire asked Chekkt's Manor about user selection. As long as you have a log-in, you can write reviews. We tested this and were able to create a profile and write a software review that posted immediately.

Manor told CMSWire that users must abide by Chekkt's terms of use when submitting reviews.

"It's monitored by humans," Manor said. "If we see too many good reviews that praises a certain vendor, we'll flag that and contact the vendor."

customer experience, Crowdsourcing Startup Wants Clarity for Flooded B2B Software Market

Where Chekkt Lands

When talking about the BPaaS sector (Business-Process-as-a-Service), Manor said it accounts for 59 percent of the entire cloud based services market ($129.9 billion, growing at 17 percent compound annual growth rate, according to Gartner).