customer experience, Digital Marketing Files: Crowded Technology Landscape? Bring It On!The marketing software vendor landscape is nine times the size it was a little more than two years ago. 

The flooded market was represented in Scott Brinker's latest Marketing Technology Landscape, which determined there were 947 marketing software vendors out there split into 43 categories around six major classes. 

And we trust the landscape's even bigger than that. Brinker himself admitted as much in an interview today with CMSWire.

Too Crowded? Much Too Crowded?

"It is a very crowded landscape," conceded Brinker, author of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog and co-founder and chief technology officer of ion interactive, a company that provides marketing software for creating and testing post-click experiences. "And the truth is that there are many more great companies offering marketing software that I failed to include. So it's even bigger than this graphic would suggest."

The song that keeps popping into our heads with Brinker's Supergraphic is the No. 1 1967 hit, "Expressway To Your Heart" by Soul Survivors. The Blues Brothers have an awesome version.

The lyrics from 47 years ago are telling for today's marketing landscape:

At five o'clock it's much too crowded (Too crowded)
Much too crowded (Too crowded)
Much too crowded (Too crowded)
Too crowded for me
Couldn't get through to you baby
Oh, it's too crowded

Just like marketing software vendors, right? And Brinker told us he expects it to grow, rather than contract, for at least the next several years.

"The downside of such a crowded field is that it can be overwhelming when considered in its entirety," Brinker said. "But the upside is that marketers ultimately stand to benefit from all these different companies competing with better ideas and/or better pricing models."

customer experience, Digital Marketing Files: Crowded Technology Landscape? Bring It On!
Scott Brinker's Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014).

Better Ideas, Better Competition

And therein lies the key phrase: "better ideas."

We tend to agree. Crowded? Sure is, but that's a good thing. What's better for a capitalistic society than fair market competition? It's a "the more, the merrier" economy, where even the big boys like Oracle, Salesforce and SAP must be on their toes with companies like Marketo and Demandbase getting bigger and better.

We're sure digital marketers have pain medicine at the ready these days from vendor software migraines. And have you ever walked around some of these marketing conventions? You don't need Bourbon to feel a little woozy after the endless pitches and demos.

By the way, it's funny, isn't it, how all of them are the "leaders" of digital marketing software? Pretty cool. 947 software vendors. 947 leaders. 

In all seriousness, every single vendor should be applauded for diving in. It reminds me of lobstering off the coast of Gloucester, Mass., with my father: each year, there were more lobster buoys with which to contend, and more incentive for creatively and effectively setting our traps.