There are still marketers who do not believe Facebook advertising works. For those people, this article is for you. By avoiding these three mistakes, learn how your brand’s Facebook advertising efforts can be effective.  

I’m still surprised when I meet a person who doesn’t believe Facebook advertising is effective. It is -- if you implement a few best practices and avoid common mistakes. 

Last year I read an article about Facebook ads by Nicholas Carlson of the Business Insider. The article, “Facebook Ads Don’t Work Only Because Marketers Keep Making These Mistakes,” addressed key things marketers should and shouldn’t do when investing their efforts in Facebook advertising.

There were three issues Carlson wrote about in the piece that really hit home with me and I’d like to elaborate on them here.

These are the three things that anyone who is advertising on Facebook must stop doing immediately:

1. Acquiring Low-quality Fans through Incentives or Gimmicks

Brand managers often believe the more page Likes they acquire, the better. This kind of thinking is all wrong. When it comes to Facebook fans, the principle of quality over quantity applies.

Luring new fans in with advertising incentives, like seasonal deals and giveaways -- and asking them to Like your page in order to access the deals -- is effective, but it’s not a solid long-term marketing plan. Providing value to fans shouldn’t be a one-time thing, but rather an ongoing effort implemented by your brand.

One of the biggest misperceptions about social media is that popularity and influence are one and the same. This is simply not true.

In fact, the idea that quantity matters more than anything else is the reason that buying Likes is still in practice. It is more common for brands that are new to Facebook because purchased Likes quickly boost their Page like count. The issue with cutting corners -- and buying Likes is definitely taking a shortcut -- is that although a Page may have a large number of “fans,” quantity does not guarantee engagement.

In fact, brands that purchase likes often see dramatically lower engagement than pages that acquire fans organically. The reason? Pages that don’t spend the time acquiring the right kind of fans, a.k.a. quality users who have a true interest in the brand, are wasting their efforts on users who bring no value to the table.

2. Ignoring Targeting and Optimization

There are more than one billion active Facebook users, and Facebook’s Ads Manager is like a one-stop shop that lets you reach the ones who are most relevant to your business. With a decent understanding of your brand’s target market, it’s simple to reach the types of quality customers who will most likely find interest in your brand.

Facebook offers simple targeting options such as gender, age and education, but if your brand wants Facebook ads that perform really well (and who doesn’t?!), a more sophisticated targeting approach is necessary.

When creating a Facebook ad, it takes just a few more steps to take an average Facebook ad that will yield so-so results to a rockstar ad that will bring in high conversion metrics.