shutterstock_66439312.jpg The key to marketing through Facebook is simple: engagement and interaction. But how these two tasks are accomplished isn’t done through simply posting a product photo. It’s a tactical process that requires a company to become less of a corporate identity and more of a business of the people. One such brand that has done this successfully is Coca-Cola.

A Coca-Cola Community

Over the years Coca-Cola has tried many different marketing campaigns such as its polar bear and Santa Claus holiday commercials, endorsements from celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Elton John and Bill Cosby, gold colored cans for the 2010 Olympic Games and the more recent anti-obesity campaign.
Although effective, most of these commercials and promotions only showed how popular or ‘in-tune’ with the times the company was; in order to a be a social media success Coca-Cola had to take a different approach when developing a social marketing strategy.

Coca-Cola, which joined Facebook in 2008, has garnered over 60 million likes in just under five years by focusing less on straightforward product promotion and more on its fans. Marketers have created a community that is “a collection of your stories showing how people from around the world have helped make Coke into what it is today.” As a result of this philosophy, Coca-Cola's success has been achieved through statutes and photos that encourage engagement and interaction, supporting causes and integrating other forms of social media.

Engagement is Simple with Words and Photos

On Facebook two of the easiest ways to reach an audience and build a fanbase are through a status update or photo that encourages comments, likes and shares. Whatever is posted has to suggest a sense of community so that fans feel there is a connection between themselves, the company and other fans that that doesn't solely revolve around a product. For Coca-Cola this task is accomplished by simple facts, such as “When you're looking up at the moon, half of the world is looking at the moon with you. Can you feel the togetherness rays?", which is a status update from from 2011. This status has 18,690 likes, four shares and 1,413 comments.

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Another way that a brand can engage with its fans is through a photo that tells a story through the image that is presented. An example of this is the current Coca-Cola cover image which shows that the drink isn't just for a particular person, but for all people at different times in their lives. This collage, which is made up of user submitted photos has 6,654 likes, 838 shares and 812 comments.