The Customer Experience Index released by Forrester is very telling. It names and shames those companies that provide excellent customer experience to their clients, and those that don’t seem to care -- providing haphazard experiences that are sure to alienate customers.

For all the talk of "the customer comes first" and "valuing the customer," this list shows there are still a lot of companies who are out of touch with the experiences customers have with their brand. 

Little Change in Customer Experiences

This, the sixth annual index from Forrester, makes clear that a lot of companies need to put a lot more thought into the Customer Experience. For a business, not doing this is like shooting yourself in the foot, as report author Megan Burns points out that companies that will survive the current downturn, and profit most in the inevitable upturn, will be those that look after their customers.

Technology alone cannot do that. Technology is only a tool. Ultimately, it is the people behind the technologies, the ones that make decisions based on information gathered through the CXM technologies that will come out of the current economic phase smelling of roses.

It seems incredible in the current climate that businesses don’t look after their customers better. From some of the findings in this report it would appear that many companies are being run by events outside their control.

This is particularly true when you look at the key takeaways that Burns has produced from the report:

  • No Major shifts in industry rankings: The ranking of industries are still the same as last year. Top industries leading the pack are retailers and hotels, while bottom industries are Internet service providers and health insurance providers. This would suggest that the message is taking its time getting through.
  • Value-based bands are top: Of the top scoring companies, ten out of thirteen are companies that position themselves as value brands. While this would indicate that lower prices and convenience are two factors that drive customer satisfaction, the inclusion of so many companies in this category point to a larger trend of customer service.
  • Clear winners and leaders: The companies that are providing the best customer experience are also those that are leading their business sector. Companies like USAA, Southwest Airlines, US Cellular and Vanguard come out on top in this respect.

Forrester's Findings

The results were provided from response to an online survey done at the end of 2012 where Forrester asked 7506 US customers about their interactions with 14 different sets of industries including airlines, TV service providers, internet service providers, wireless service providers, banks and others.

The results are based the real experience customers have had with these industries, with the good, bad and incompetent named and shamed, as indeed they should be.