Forrester says web content management is about a lot more than plain o'web publishing. It's about creating digital experiences and here's a look at which vendors are hitting the mark in Forrester's latest wave report.

The report, "The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013", takes an in depth look at the 10 WCM vendors Forrester identifies as the "most significant providers in this category." 

The key to this list of top ten is understanding that we are way past the days of web content management 1.0, when it was simply critical to be able to easily create and edit content for websites. Today's top WCM vendors don't even call themselves "WCM" vendors. They are digital customer experience creators (add in Customer Experience or Web Experience here as well).

What sets Adobe, Acquia, Ektron, HP Autonomy, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle, SDL and Sitecore apart is their approach to providing a set of tools and capabilities to manage multichannel digital experiences.

But before we tell you their stories, we need to tell you this story:

3 Categories of Digital Experience Solutions

Forrester breaks digital experience solutions down into three categories:

  1. Tools and repositories that support nontechnical people who need to manage experiences (so things such as WCM, digital asset management (DAM), product catalog management, workflow, campaign management, marketing resource management, and desktop authoring tools.)
  2. Tools to enable the delivery interactive multichannel experiences (so things such as search, personalization, recommendation engines, adserving systems, integrated IDEs, identification and authorization).
  3. Tools to support success of these experiences. Here Forrester is talking about testing and measuring tools.

Is the WCM Suite Dead?

This year, Forrester has identified that "integration", not "suite", is the key term when thinking about digital experiences this year. And in fact, all the vendors who made the Wave tout integration with other complementary tools (Sitecore being the exception to the Suite vs Best of Breed approach).

The reality is that many organizations have made significant investments in tools, and many do take a "best of breed" approach to what tools they use. So they are looking for solutions/platforms that play nice with complementary solutions that will enable them to deliver the best digital experiences they can.