As an avid Google Analytics user, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with all of the data! I could spend days and days trying to determine actionable steps to help improve my website and online marketing endeavors, but that's just not realistic. I'm sure it's the same for you. So I want to provide you with four actionable steps you can do right now within your Google Analytics account.

The following steps are tailored for those involved with improving websites and gaining more website traffic through external sources. With that disclosure, let's get started!

Mobile Website Traffic

I'm sure you've read studies and even seen more traffic coming to your site from mobile devices, but do you know how many visitors? This is an important metric to understand. If for example, you are getting a lot of mobile website traffic, but you don't have a mobile website, you could be losing out on a bunch of new customers! Not to worry, let's see how much traffic you're getting first.

Take a look at the screenshot below. You can see that almost 20,000 visits occurred from a mobile device. While that's not a huge sum of traffic considering that over 328,000 people did not use a mobile device, thats still 20,000 potential customers who may not have had a great website experience if you didn't have a mobile site. So, I would take a look at these reports, located under your Audience reports, and think if it's worth it for you to develop a mobile site.


One last suggestion. Have some fun with this step. Have all of your colleagues or friends visit your site from their various mobile devices. What do they think about their experience?

Social Media Engagement

I know I don't have to sell you on the ever-growing social media space, but I do want to sell you on the idea of trying to narrow your focus areas and in turn, your valuable time. What if you knew what social media entities were bringing you the most traffic already? Then, you could try focusing all of your effort on those site(s).

Enter the new Google Analytics social media reports. These can be found under your Traffic Sources reports. Take a look at the screenshot below.