Four vendors who are making an impact in the digital marketing industry have been highlighted in a new report from Gartner.

The report, “Cool Vendors in Digital Marketing, 2013," aims to provide a general overview of new and innovative vendors, products or services within mobile, social or contextual digital marketing environment. The vendors studied in the report are Catchoom, PublishThis, Revtrax and Thismoment.


Mobile devices are everywhere and can be used for almost everything from making a phone call and sending an email to scanning a cheque for a bank deposit and mapping out a driving route. As technology advances, eventually all a mobile user will have to do is point their phone at something, take a photo and get information on that subject with cloud-based visual recognition technology.

Catchoom aims to move toward an “internet of everything" and close the gap between the digital and physical world by building technology that allows apps to recognize logos, trademarks, DVDs, book covers, stores, landmarks and signs.

As the technology becomes more efficient, there are a variety of companies looking to cash-in on this idea, so Catchoom isn't the only organization that offers recognition technology for apps. Other products include Google Goggles, and SnapTell from Amazon. Another problem for Catchoom is that while it's innovative, it can be very constricting as in order to use the technology users have to download a Catchoom-enabled app which limits what platforms can use the technology.

In order to be a pioneer and leader in this movement, Catchoom has to make sure it's appealing to not only marketers, but publishers, media companies and retailers by finding something that separates it from competitors and makes its technology more accessible.


Most social publishing platforms tend to concentrate more on curating information and combining it to make “original” content. Unlike these other companies, PublishThis doesn't just bring together content that seems relevant, but also assesses the quality of the content in question before collecting it. The company is able to combine content marketing and publishing in an effective manner.

As a result, PublishThis can help publishers, brands and digital marketers create attractive and original websites and social media feeds.

PublishThis offers publishers the ability to quickly create new content streams with a lightweight workflow while giving even experienced content marketers an easy-to-use system for developing branded, engaging material,” says the report.