Marketers are usually a paranoid bunch, we've come to learn. Will I go extinct? Does my work even matter?

Bizo says it does. Its annual State of B2B Lead Nurturing Report revealed 60 percent of marketers deliver at least 20 percent of B2B company revenues — and almost 25 percent contribute more than 40 percent. 

"Marketing organizations everywhere are taking on more influential roles when it comes to supporting company revenue growth targets," Jennifer Agustin, senior director of marketing at Bizo, told CMSWire. "Data like this supports the idea that marketing is more accountable than ever, and can play a more active and strategic role in the way companies are run."

Examining Numbers

Bizo's survey of 500 B2B marketers, conducted in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, also reveals:

  • 72 percent of respondents say they currently have a marketing automation platform in place, and 75 percent of marketers feel adding other technologies can provide even greater optimization
  • More than 82 percent of respondents indicated they have plans to maintain or spend more on additional marketing technologies in the second half of this year
  • Only 30 percent report they currently have fully implemented effective and well-integrated multi-channel marketing programs
  • 79 percent of respondents say their email open rates, on average, aren't exceeding 20 percent, and more than 40 percent of marketers believe that only up to 5 percent of anonymous website visitors provide an email address in the first place
  • Approximately 89 percent of marketers would be interested in technologies that support the ability to nurture anonymous and known prospects as well

What kind of capabilities do B2B marketers want to have on top of marketing automation?

Agustin described it as support for a true "full-funnel" marketing approach. It is one that "enables brands to get in front of their target audiences as early as possible, engage these audiences through effective content, and finally convert them into qualified prospects and leads."

Marketing automation, Agustin added, provides a "critical foundation" for this approach, but marketers are still seeking ways to go beyond email marketing when it comes to nurturing and converting their target audiences.