Want to make more sales, see more sales activity across your enterprise or close more deals? Want to do it quickly and want to do it on the road? Selligy, a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) vendor, claims it is making it easier than ever by adding advanced revenue and other upgrades to its platform.

The company contends its recent upgrades close the gap between what many vendors say they offer in the mobile CRM space and what they actually deliver. This gap, Selligy CEO and co-founder Nilay Patel says, has lead many users to sour on mobile CRM, noting:

Many tools over promise and under deliver, souring users on mobile CRM. Some provide very simple apps, but then don’t support the actual business needs of real enterprises. Others just shove all 100 fields from the CRM app onto the phone, resulting in an unusable app."

Sales Process Automation

Patel announced the new features yesterday, just in time for today's Sales Velocity conference in San Francisco. Selligy is one of the sponsors of the day-long event.

Patel said the upgrades will make it easier to get data in and out of their CRM and provide a bird's eye view of the entire revenue pipeline. All this will be possible by integrating Salesforce1 Sales Cloud with the contacts and calendar on the iPhone.

It is an interesting announcement for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that this is the second announcement in the past week alone that focuses on visibility for sales and revenue processes in the enterprise.

Last week, TinderBox integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide sales automation for managing the entire sales cycle, from creating and presenting sales documents to closing businesses online.

In regards to the TinderBox release, CEO and co-founder Dustin Sapp told us there is a substantial market for sales automation solutions at the moment, as enterprises search for a way to get the best out of their CRM investments.

Selligy’s platform upgrades eliminate much of the manual work involved in getting data into and out of CRM, while also offering more transparency and insight into closing deals . They include: