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How 5 More Web Experience Management Vendors are Dealing with Personalization

A few months back, we took a close look at how a handful of Web experience management vendors dealt with personalization. Now, we have five more WEM providers to check out, including OpenText, Kentico, Acquia/Drupal, CoreMedia and Sitecore.

OpenText - Web Experience Management

As businesses look to provide the most relevant online information for their customers, so too has OpenText ramped up its focus on Web experience management

If customers can easily find the information they are looking for, and it's presented in a compelling way, they are more likely to buy something, the thinking goes. OpenText's Web Experience Management supports the concept by offering flexible segmentation and targeting rules.

Web pages can be defined by customizable personas. Web pages can be directly created in the workspace and the marketers can apply targeting rules based on those personas. OpenText also offers a Segment Provider (above image) that allows for connecting to a CRM system like Salesforce or SAP to build segments. It can import user profiles from social media, integrated business systems (like CRM) or other locations to target in whatever way is needed.

There's also the ability to produce multilingual content as well as tools for creating workflows, and that allows for more localized and contextual experiences. Within the segmentation and targeting tool, specific page components can be selected to personalize, and targeted rules can be created. The rules can be turned on and off, and various profiles can be previewed within in context edits.

Kentico - Enterprise Marketing Solution

With Kentico CMS 7, digital marketing has been baked into the system's core — it's called the Enterprise Marketing Solution. It includes the Site Manager content personalization module for customizing content based on individual browsing history, and factors like demographics, behavior and customer context can all be analyzed for this purpose.

Kentico Personalization, web experience  Defining personalization rules with Kentico EMS.

Additionally, built in analytics can track visited pages, identify the most frequent users and create content quickly based on those interests. The Visual Rule Designer can help with building real life scenarios to segment and personalize against.

There's even a K# macro programming language included in the Visual Rule Designer, and developers can use it to create advanced personalization rules. Kentico feels this unlocks unlimited rule definition possibilities.

Acquia/Drupal - Drupal for Web Experience Management

We know businesses are eternally curious about Drupal because it has such a huge install base, and a large set of developers that can help put a deployment together. As the commercial services provider for Drupal, Acquia has been building up its digital marketing capabilities to help Drupal and Drupal customers.

Naturally, this includes personalization, and one of the most important stories around Acquia in that department is its partnership with a startup called Evergage. Evergage is a personalization engine that Acquia had been using on its own website and now offers to its own customers via the partnership.

Evergage is a Javascript based tool that installs code on a website for rendering customized messages and layouts depending on the targeted audience. It includes tools for tracking engagement, segmenting behavior, driving traffic, engagement scoring and more.

Acquia uses Evergage to share custom messages with visitors to

The screenshot above shows both the interface for setting up a custom message in Evergage, as well as an Evergage message that site visitors who use StumbleUpon will see. 


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