Videos have proven to be a good marketing tool, but for e-Commerce websites, they can be used in a more interactive and educational manner and add to the shopping experience.

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Michael Molinari is the Director New Business Development at KSC Kreate, a creative design company that specializes in all types of media -- including video and images. In turn, it helps other companies with content development, image creation and deployment to improve marketing efforts and expand a brand. He spoke with CMSWire about the use of video within the e-Commerce landscape.


The Impact of Video

Along with text and photo-based advertisements, video has made the transition into the digital marketing and e-Commerce world. There are tools, from YouTube channels to video platforms such as Adwords for Video, which aim to help businesses with product promotion and advertising.

According to a recent report from eMarketer, which surveyed High-level US media agency executives, about 95% of respondents said they used video to improve brand awareness, while only 21% and 38% used video to entice customer acquisition and purchase intent. While video is being embraced, in some cases it isn't being used to its full potential. Molinari says e-Commerce companies should create video not just because it is a popular marketing trend, but also because of how these visual tools can be used to educate and help with customer conversion, business appeal and revenue.

By introducing video to the eCommerce world, you’re adding another dimension to their [the customer’s] shopping experience,” he says.

Step One: Know Your Video

Molinari says that there are basic things that businesses should be aware of when using video -- such as make sure their video is embedded on a product page, removing the issue of having to open a new tab, and have a good analytics dashboard. In addition to these basics, companies must pay attention to what type of video they want to produce -- viral or educational -- both add different things to the customer experience.