Apple seemingly managed to find some more servers for the launch of iOS 7, with slightly less struggle to download and install the new system than previous versions. However, updates are still the order of the day as those enthusiast queues form for the top iPhone model. 

The Real World's First Look at iOS 7

Is the tech world ready to rename September as Applember yet? It seems to have been dominated by fruit-flavored news of one sort or another. So far, we've had the big iPhones reveal, pre-orders for the iPhone 5C, the new iOS and, finally, Friday will see the arrival of the iPhone 5S, with millions of sales expected. 

Sure, there were struggles to download due to raw demand, and then more problems installing iOS 7 as the activation servers jammed up. But somehow I and millions more managed to update their devices. I managed to get both an iPhone 4S and an iPad 3 upgraded within reasonable time yesterday as the system went live. Reports, based on net access, suggest almost a third of active iOS device users have managed to upgrade in one day, an impressive effort.

Since, then, its been interesting to see what real users, and not just over-opinionated hacks, hackers and other technorati are saying. Most opinion is that it is simply "different" not in a good or bad way, but just different. For example, the new icons are described as looking horrible against many personally-selected backgrounds (usually family or event photos taken on the device) which is nudging users to try the dynamic or still wallpapers, better suited to letting the flat icons stand out, while crimping user choice (at least if we want to avoid a headache). 

Some icons though are apparently beyond redemption, with the Safari icon and Newsstand efforts being particularly loathed, I'd guess due to their overly fussy approach compared to the simplicity of the others. On the plus side, the Clock icon now actually shows the time, even if that duplicates the system function at the top of the screen, and more features are now accessible using the swipe up and down menus.