customer experience: pinterest birthday

Despite being launched in 2010, Pinterest wasn't made publicly available until August 2012. Today is the one year anniversary of its public launch and we take a look back at how the content sharing network has changed.

Over the past year Pinterest has added a few new features designed to enhance and improve the user experience and attract more businesses. This move that has mostly been successful as many brands continue to have numerous followers, re-pins, likes and shares to what they've posted.

Along with insight from an interview with Danny Maloney, CEO of PinLeague, a Pinterest analytics company, we take a look at what other critics are saying and show how Pinterest has grown into a B2C marketing hub.

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A Visual Social Network

When looking at how Pinterest has developed, the first thing that has be explained is what exactly sets Pinterest apart from other sites. Unlike more ‘traditional’ social media that rely on text based connections and communication, Pinterest focuses on content sharing and images. For example, a Twitter user may tweet a comment with a photo attached, but the first thing that draws a viewer to person or business’ page is the text. On Pinterest, the photo the first thing a viewer sees and any added text is considered supplementary.

In doing this Pinterest is able to reach more users and connect to people more easily.

It’s a lot easier for a person to scroll down a page and read a hundred images than it is for them to read a two page article,” said Maloney “As a result, when a user is browsing on Pinterest they won’t just consume a single piece of content and leave, they will see a pin they like and consume all of the pins on that board.”

A Better Look and More Insight

On its surface Pinterest appears to be a consumer network with users posting pictures of crafts they complete or baked goods, but it’s also an ideal network for many businesses as products aren’t hidden behind layers and layers of text.

The social media up and comer [Pinterest] is centered around photo sharing and commenting, which makes it a powerful tool for marketers,” wrote Colter Bowman. “This is especially true for those in the retail and service industries. "