Marketing Isn't Your Social Media SlaveJust like golf clubs, mobile phones and martinis, social media has become essential to business. Yet despite a proven ability to build business networks, many business professionals still consider social media to be a “marketing thing.” These people need to be convinced or replaced.

Building Business Relationships

When I was a kid, my parents frequented the Playboy Club in Los Angeles. As it turned out, they weren’t going for that reason; rather, my father was simply a networking-savvy businessman, a skill that my mother takes credit for teaching him. When I was old enough to ask pointed questions, my father told me that -- all Bunnies aside -- the Playboy Club was where his industry’s deals were inked.

The web makes it decidedly easier to find bunnies these days but good brick and mortar networking opportunities have become scarce. Most industries have no regional boundaries and even the smallest businesses today can be speaking to a global audience.

Bye-bye Bunny. 

Social Media is the New Playboy Club

Does your business phone ever ring? Mine doesn't unless it’s someone trying to sell me something. Virtually all other business connections I've made were account names before they became associates, customers or friends.

They came to me via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or my blog. Conversations starters included, “your software sucks” and “are you the only one in this country who knows how to use this stupid DAM”? Later (after switching jobs), I started to get questions about my digital asset management book or about digital asset management in general.

Sometimes these connections lead to new business -- some still will. Many times, they lead to a business relationship from which I learned as much or more than I had to teach, and always they lead to one of the most important things we business professionals can do today: personal brand building.

Building Your Personal Brand

We were known for our personalities as kids. As teenagers, it became more about our reputations. Today, as business professionals, it’s all about our personal brands.

What does your industry think of you? Are you informed, interesting and honest? Do you have followers that would stick with you if you moved to another company? If you left your industry, would anyone care?

This is the stuff that makes up your personal brand. And, no, this is not yet another damned thing you have to deal with. Personal brand building is a killer opportunity we have that our parents did not have. People buy from whom they trust and personal brands make it easier for those of us who are trustworthy to differentiate ourselves.

Even better, if you have value to offer and you offer it, your personal brand becomes a fortress around your employability that will enable you to tell your boss off when necessary. And when you are fired for mouthing off, you’ll find an even better job with a better company -- trust me on that.

Social media is the best option we have for building ours brand because it’s free, it’s easy and it doesn't take as much time to get ideas across social media as it does to write a book, conduct a seminar or even make a few phone calls.

In time, you might even become an influencer in your industry, which is important because we marketing professionals will orbit you like a 1960s businessman orbited Bunnies on the nights his wife stayed home. (Okay, I doubt that happened, but I don’t get to write the word “bunny” very often in my line of work and it’s sort of fun. Bunny.)

“Influence marketing” refers to a practice whereby we marketing pros target a smaller group of well-connected people who can, in turn, spread the message to a wider audience. Why not become one of those people who are always quoted, linked to or followed?

Do you think it will hurt your chances of landing that new job when your prospective employer finds out you have 100,000 followers on Twitter who retweet everything you ask them to?

Social media is the platform that market influencers use to fuel their fires and increase their invincibility. No employer can take away social clout. Social media is the new worker’s union.

Building Your Knowledge

Social media is also a wonderful option for acquiring, expanding and leveraging your industry knowledge.