Customer experiences are not limited to a website or social media or email. Every customer touch point matters and provides an opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations. You could say that for most online touch points -- customers are using smartphones or tablet devices more, making it all the more important that whatever format you use to connect with your community is mobile-friendly.

While there are ways the enterprise can leverage mobile solutions to meet customer experience expectations, we find it’s often more effective to show and tell what some companies are doing.

Creating Enterprise Mobility 

Previously we highlighted Verivo for its innovative approach to mobile app development within the enterprise. To learn more about how Verivo helps companies leverage mobile to provide access, flexibility and well, mobility to their employees and customers alike, we spoke with Todd Christy, CTO at Verivo.

First and foremost, Verivo lets companies build mobile apps five times faster than traditional methods. Additionally, there’s no nuanced code to update or laborious app update submission process -- all designed to help businesses connect to back-end systems while providing a diverse user experience on the front end.

Verivo calls itself an enterprise mobility company and, as such, its customers use it to create apps that help them do more in more places. Whether it’s a conference app with access to real-time information about sessions, speakers and networking events, an app that helps tourists and residents alike get the most out of their state parks or a financial app that lets users get anytime, anywhere access to banking information needed to help make smart, informed decisions, companies are finding many reasons to connect with their community through a mobile format.

Mobile Enterprise Meets Mobile Consumer

Yet, having a mobile app is just part of the mobile engagement puzzle. Being able to provide a mobile app that adds value is the other part. The consumerization of IT has raised expectations. Whether your end user is an employee or a prospective buyer, everyone has consumed information easily online and won’t tolerate slow load times or poor user design. They will find a way to get what they want, with or without your app.