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Another choice is called Nuxeo, also an open source system that could even double as a CMS. The Nuxeo Platform, as it's known, helps with document and image processing, and provides handy tools like versioning and secure access that businesses will find critical. 

These particular recommended sets of tools aren't necessarily meant to be used in conjunction, and not every business will need to rush out and grab one of each. However, from a digital perspective, social business, customer experience management and information management are three of the core needs for businesses to keep and continuously generate repeat customers.

Just from a logical point of view, these areas are critical because they tackle things like workflow, online presence and data management. These are the areas that need to be considered in any digital business because the Internet is only getting used more, and people almost always connected to it via mobile devices. Using ideas from the three main areas here, small businesses can take advantage of some of the most advanced enterprise tools, and do more business in an organized way. 


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