What a busy week. There's Lithium's post-Klout products, a new video-oriented social platform, an SDK for adding video ads to apps, six new native ad formats and an update to Sencha's desktop-app-to-tablet-app framework.

Plus, Pipeliner CRM has re-launched, Vobi has launched a new communication service, an updated report looks at trust and personal data, Moxie buys Simplybox technology, and a dyslexia app is looking for crowdfunding.

Lithium Digests Klout

Lithium Technologies is out with its first two products that incorporate technology from its recent Klout purchase.

Advocacy "Pop-Up" Communities, either standalone or connected to a permanent community, are intended as short-lived occasions for deeper engagement in a brand's campaign, product launch, event or promotion. They incorporate Klout Perks to reward brand loyalty, advocacy and promotion.

Klout for Products provides a scoring system for products outside of a specific site or a community's reviewing and scoring system.

Klout scores are expected to be integrated into Lithium communities and Lithium Social Web by year's end. They are intended to "help community members and moderators," the company said, "better understand with whom they are engaging and the context of their expertise."

The company is also releasing a series of "action widgets," the first of which are a Want button (we want one!), a responsive wish list service, and responsive ratings. And there's a new Premium Gratification with Badges package for Lithium communities, plus an updated version of Lithium mobile.

A screen showing the enhanced gamification in Lithium.

Video with Social Media

A new video-focused social platform launched this week. Epoxy is designed to help video content creators connect with their fans via social media. It integrates YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and offers distribution, engagement and analytics. A set of engagement and insights tools are available for video creators, and social apps for web and mobile are targeted at audiences.

Online video is "not just about a fan base on one platform," co-founder and CEO Juan Bruce said in a statement. "It's about growing an engaged and fanatical audience across multiple platforms."

The Epoxy video-with-social-tools platform

Monetize Those Apps

While we're on the subject of video, ad tech provider OpenX has released a software development kit for iOS and Android developers looking to add video ads to their apps. Pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads are supported, as well as interstitial video ads and click-to-play in-feed video ads. A video player is bundled with the SDK.

Native Ad Formats

And, while we're on the subject of ads, ad platform provider Jivox has launched six new native ad formats with rich media features. They feature free-form layouts and designs, HTML5 that renders for the targeted screen, analytics, and what the company said was easy implementation into a publisher's content.

The six formats are video reveal, full page reveal, content page reveal, image feed gallery, in feed, and native banner.

Desktop Apps to Tablets

Speaking of HTML5, Sencha has updated its desktop app framework Ext JS to facilitate adaptation of HTML5 desktop apps for tablets. New features include customizable themes for touchscreens, mouse mapping to convert mouse clicks to touch gestures, and the ability to re-use code.