The 2012 Olympics officially kicks off in London today. Is your website prepared? It better be.

Websites Will Be Affected by the Olympics

Major events such as the Olympics are not only broadcasted all over television, but all over the Internet as well, leading to an influx of traffic to news and sporting websites as people from all over the world tune in to the games. In addition to these types of sites getting more traffic, retailers in London will also see a flood of traffic to their sites with the increase in athletes and tourists in the city.

With the 2012 London Olympics just around the corner, it is a good idea to review your website to ensure that it is optimized to cope with this increased traffic. It is important to continuously enhance visitor and customer experience of your website/brand and notable events such as the Olympics create a good opportunity for you to do so (especially for companies that may be procrastinating such enhancement).

A key factor in enhancing the user experience for their websites relates to improving the performance of the site; a slow-performing site will provide a poor user experience and could result in lost revenue. Even small improvements in performance can have an impact on user experience on heavily trafficked sites and ultimately lead to better conversion rates -- i.e. more customers who go on to buy from the website.

It is essential that you improve your website's ability to cope with increased traffic by reviewing both the physical architecture and the application architecture. Make use of client-side performance testing tools such as Firebug and YSlow, which will give you a better view of which pages and which elements on the page are causing the performance bottlenecks. Website site managers should already be doing this and should make additional preparations for major events such as the Olympics.

8 Tips to Optimize Your Site

In light of the upcoming Summer Olympics, below are eight tips for optimizing your website: