simulmedia salon

Programmatic ad buying is efficient, effective and delivers real time behavioral insight. It refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, rather than traditional process that include RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

In simple terms, it's using machines to buy ads. Now some online ad buyers who are using "programmatic" trading techniques for video are exploring options for using the same digital processes for ads on TV, as I learned at a recent Simulmedia Salon on the future of video advertising.

Times are Changing

Last year, a new “audience-buying” platform called AudienceXpress quietly rolled out an automated system that enables agencies and their trading desks to serve ads into the most premium network television inventory. And just this month, AOL’s announced it was moving forward with its programmatic TV buying product, and it already has a major media agency on board.

"We're in a period of change, and that, I guess, is a little overly simplistic to say," said Simulmedia CEO and founder Dave Morgan. Too many people underestimate TV and TV ads, which are still "robust and growing," he said.

Morgan is one of the drivers behind programmatic ad buying. Last week, he transformed the Simulmedia Salon on the future of video advertising into a lively discussion on programmatic TV and various online advertising currencies — including variations between ComScore and Nielsen measurements of advertising effectiveness. The session featured Andrew Feigenson, SVP, Digital Client Service at Nielsen, and Lauren Wiener, president, Global Sales and Marketing at Tremor Video.

This was my first Simulmedia Salon, but it won't be my last.I was impressed with the openness and energy of the place, and eager to hear about Simulmedia's innovative strategies, including matching set box TV audiences with audiences in social media and other channels.

This is the Place

Programmatic clearly is the place to be, even though it's still in its infancy and few can explain it well — even those companies within the programmatic ecosystem. A friend of mine, John Matthews, managing principal and founder of Comscient Group, seems to have the best overall programmatic model of anyone I have met in the space.

At the Gilbane Conference in Boston last December, Matthews explained how programmatic buying is the future. He said there is an ever evolving collection of ad exchanges, data exchanges, real time bidding (RTB), demand side platforms, and supply side platforms that are using new technology and incorporating more and larger data sets. And he noted: "There is more automation, more sophistication, and faster results."

The Importance of Trust

Interestingly enough, the discussion at the Salon centered on trust. TV advertising budgets are controlled by a very small circle of buyers, many who have known each other for 15 years or more, so trust is a strong part of the buying equation.