Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

Research shows that 91 percent of B2B marketers now use content marketing. Why is that? Because creating and sharing quality content can be a game changer for your company. Done correctly, it builds brand awareness, drives traffic, generates leads and is the lifeblood of your B2B social marketing efforts.

But here’s the catch… content marketing is hard to do!

Not only do you have to breakthrough the growing deluge of content clutter (since everyone is now a content marketer), but also do so in a way that engages your prospects, tells your story and builds your company’s brand.

Why your Content Marketing Efforts aren’t Paying Off

Before we get into how to do that, let’s first look at six reasons why you’re (probably) struggling with content marketing.

1. Need more content. Let’s start with the obvious. You and your team are most likely NOT creating enough content. You need at least two to three blog posts per week, a monthly whitepaper or guide, plus a quarterly webinar. Not to mention daily social media activity, monthly email newsletters and videos too!

Not doing that much? Well, don’t expect content marketing to shower you with results any time soon (even if you’re creating amazing content).

2. Prospects aren’t seeing your content. Sure, having more content on your website or blog means you’ll capture more natural search traffic. And that’s a good thing.

But to really catapult your business, you need to leverage social media to get your content in front of your target audience (and their social networks). That’s why building social media properties chock-full of prospects, customers and influencers is a MUST for making content marketing truly ignite your business.

3. Your content is all about you. No one cares about your product, service or company (sorry!). Instead, they care about doing a better job, outwitting the competition (and colleagues) and looking awesome to the boss.

That means your content needs to reflect what’s important to your buyers -- not what’s important to you. Find out what interests and engages your prospects and influencers by listening to them on social media and asking them with surveys (or in person).


4. No compelling perspective. Yes, we just said your content needs to be all about your buyer… but you still need to have your own point of view. Said another way, what’s your company’s story, purpose, mission or reason-to-be… and why should anyone care?

Don’t know? Well then, don't be surprised when your prospects ignore your bland, non-engaging, “me-too” content. Bottom line: to make your content standout, you need to stand out. Understand what makes your perspective compelling and unique, or forget about winning the content marketing game.