Mobile shopping appears to have a bright future, according to a new study from global research consulting firm Latitude. Sixty-three percent of survey respondents -- who were all mobile phone users in the US and UK with at least some exposure to mobile shopping -- expect to do more shopping on their mobile device in the next couple of years, and that’s just the beginning.

Shopping Anywhere, Anytime

Survey results from the report, "Next-Gen Retail: Mobile and Beyond" reveal that mobile devices enable shopping to happen anywhere, at any time. For example, Latitude says that 77% of smartphone owners shop at home, as do 62% of dual smartphone/tablet owners using a smartphone and 87% of dual owners using a tablet. Dual owners using a smartphone are also likely to shop while commuting/traveling (68%), in stores (65%) and at work (57%), while dual owners using tablets are especially likely to shop while watching TV (77%).

As a result of this freedom, two in five respondents said they have more “me” time or feel more relaxed due to the ability to perform mobile shopping. Other positive feelings commonly generated by mobile shopping include feeling more money-smart (68%), efficient (67%), informed (54%) and exploratory (53%).

Location, Location, Location

The survey also indicates that mobile location-based services help prompt mobile shopping behavior. After receiving a location-based message from a retailer, more than half (52%) of respondents visit the retailer website, 50% visit the store soon and one in five (20%) make a purchase and the same percentage visits the store that day.

Mobile Devices, Stores Converge

Sixty percent of respondents have used a mobile device to shop while in a store. Thirty-three percent have used a tablet, and another 44% have not used a tablet in a store but may be interested.

Looking at what shoppers do with their mobile devices in stores, the study finds that 95% self-scan items for checkout, 94% compare products, 92% tap “smart” posters for coupons, 87% locate products with store maps, 86% obtain alerts when certain items are available, 82% view similar products bought by others, 79% receive a list of a store’s most popular items, watch demo videos and virtually try on clothing and 72% check if colors match.