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Throwback Thursday: 10 Great Stories You Might Have Missed


As a team that collectively suffers from FOMO — fear of missing out — we realize the angst that potentially missing great content can create. So if you've ever wondered: "What smart, insightful and relevant information slipped my attention on CMSWire recently?" … We've got you covered.

On this summer Thursday, we invite you to kick back, relax and read (or re-read) 10 of our top stories from the past three months. 

For Your Reading Pleasure

A Man, a Blouse and an Awesome Customer Experience: Dom Nicastro shares how he stumbled on great customer experience when he ran out to do an errand for his wife — "a day late as usual." Boston tailor Guy Fusco "has no marketing automation software. No collaboration tools. No SharePoint to manage information. He doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account for his business." But he knows how to please a customer.

The Problem With Yammer? People Don't Use It: David Roe explores the biggest challenge for Microsoft's Yammer. "The real problem is that many people who have access to it just won’t use it — or any other social network for that matter."

Busted: 5 Common Myths Of Customer Service: Adele Halsall writes that businesses have dozens of misconceptions about working in customer service — and shares several of the most pervasive. "It’s amazing how many companies continue to make the same mistakes, resting on the appeal of their renowned brand name whilst they fail to address gaps in their service structure."

3 Brand Asset Secrets from HBO's Game of Thrones: Elliot Sedegah cleverly discovered brand asset secrets in one of HBO's most popular shows. "The show has a web-work of characters and plot twists, making it challenging to know who is aligned with whom. … So what's that mean for marketers? More than you may think."

World Cup Website Hacked: Is Yours Vulnerable, Too?: This one was mine. It explained how hacktivists delivered on their promise to take down Brazil’s official World Cup website, effectively disrupting this year’s competition. This was no surprise, according to Incapsula, a cloud-based website security and performance service — which warned marketers to "re-evaluate their DDoS protection, or risk the consequences."

Forrester: Move Faster on App Development: Tom Murphy looked at "low-code" app development, a process Forrester thinks will "speed up development by allowing application development and delivery (AD&D) teams to eliminate barriers to customer participation in projects as well as [expediting] handoffs between phases of projects."

Gartner Rates Enterprise File Sync and Share Vendors: Virginia Backaitis dug into the hotter than ever Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) market in a series of articles that explored Gartner's recently released Magic Quadrant for EFSS. "The market is maturing and that vendors are working hard to differentiate themselves."

One Woman's Path to Data Science: Siobhan Fagan talked with Claudia Perlich, whose official title at New York City-based Dstillery is chief scientist. Perlich designs, develops, analyzes and optimizes the machine learning which relies on millions of small, individual events — a website visit, the apps you use on a smartphone, the location of the smartphone — to better target prospective customers with online ads.


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