What comes first -- social activity or customer relationships? Can you have one without the other? This month's Tweet Jam participants dissected the issues related to Social CRMs, the strategies that drive them and the very essence that makes companies successfully social. In our last Tweet Jam of 2012, this was probably our most comprehensive -- leaving us all with much to ponder as we prepare for the new year.

Social Puts the Relationship Back into CRM

What is the mission of Social CRM? Efficiency. Guidance. Engagements. But in the end, it all comes down to the customer. Traditional CRM collected information about what was once a traditional offline customer experience. But now customers are online and engaging socially with one another. A Social CRM is still about the customer, but more importantly about the value that can be gleaned from what they do and say.

It's Not About the Technology. It's About Humanity.

Technology is important, but it will only get you so far. People -- employees and customers alike have to feel empowered to use it to make us more productive. Accessibility is also key -- your technology needs to be where the people are and the information shared needs to be used to continually improve how you engage with customers and deliver services.

Isn't Social First in Social CRM?

Chances are if you are actively pursuing a Social CRM, you are socially engaged with your customers or so the argument goes. But before you put any Social CRM into use, it's probably a good idea to understand why you have it and what you hope to accomplish by using it.