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Tweet Jam Recap: The Purpose and Value of Customer Communities #CXMChat

On Wednesday, we all came together for another monthly Tweet Jam — this time to discuss how to grow and engage customer communities. Sure, it sounds simple enough but we wanted to dig deeper to learn what really goes into developing and managing opportunities for customer engagement. Since there were lots of questions, we've separated our recap into two parts. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The Collective Community

Customer communities are great, but only if they drive organizational success. What does that mean, exactly? It means getting everyone involved, from employees to stakeholders to customers and giving community managers the resources they need. As for who owns a community? If done correctly, it belongs to everyone and relies on everyone to help sustain it.


What Can Customer Communities Do For You?

Customer communities can provide many benefits to organizations. Of course, it depends on your organization's goals, but if set up and managed successfully, customer communities have the potential to provide businesses with feedback, crowdsourced content, idea generation, insights and best of all, the ability to form meaningful relationships, which can lead to long term customer loyalty. While customer communities can definitely provide valuable information, it really does depend on how organizations choose to use the insights they've gained.



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