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Why should a CMS application require heavy IT investments and expensive up front licensing? It’s very ironic that most Web CMS software, an application whose sole task is managing the Web, is still deployed on-premises.

SaaS lowers the management overhead of a CMS, provides greater scalability, and lowers total cost of ownership. In 2013 marketing teams should look to vendors with proven success delivering web CMS as a service.

That’s a Wrap

The future is bright for the Web CMS industry in 2013. While many of these trends will be challenging for vendors and customers alike, the opportunities and benefits far outweigh the costs.

We are finally entering a new age. The decade-old mouse driven paradigm from interacting with content and applications is evolving into a universal, multi-touch web experience, information can be intelligently delivered to any device, customer experiences are personalized and secure content is easily shared. Web CMS applications are joining the ranks of other “marketing cloud” solutions with true software-as-a-service delivery and agile web marketing tools.

2013 will be a very exciting year.

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David Hillis is VP of Business Development for Ingeniux Corporation, makers of Ingeniux Web CMS and Cartella Community software. Follow David on Twitter @davidhillis.

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